System Info limited to 10 devices?

I have 10 HDDs connected to my Vero 4K+.
They all work perfectly.
I can playback content from all of them.
I can see them in file manager.
But I noticed only nine show up in the System Info screen.
Is this screen limited to only showing ten devices and since the Vero’s internal system memory shows up as one of the devices it will never show more than nine other devices?

There’s no real issue or anything that needs to be fixed per se, I am just curious.

The text box showing this info has a limited height and thus can only show a certain amount of info. As this has never been an issue before, there hasn’t been a need for any auto scroll.

I’ll look into it however, when I have time.

I wouldn’t waste too much time on it since it’s so niche but if a simple autoscroll fixes it then that’d probably be sufficient.

I’ve checked this again: Kodi is populating this window and as a skinner I can’t do anything about the number of shown items - thus I cannot adjust any scrolling behaviour, I’m afraid.

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No worries.
Thank you for checking into this.