System Info ? Storage Estuary VS Osmc Skin


Just received my new Vero V, It rocks !!!

backup and restore the .kodi folder and everything was there …

I just needed to mount the same mouted point on the new veroV.

Ok Now I 've noticed this

On the standard osmc skin, on System Info Storage the mounted point are not displayed.

On the estuary skin on my vero 4k this is displayed.

Is this a difference from vero 4k and vero V or the difference is on the skin ?

The info of the mounted point is very useful I think…

Again very happy with the new VERO V !!! Good job

What exactly does it show as it seems to be working just fine on my Vero V…

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Ok so this is the example coming from the vero 4k as you can see the mount point from my NAS Server are displayed 172.22.22 xxx

So I mount the exact same thing on the vero V and If I used the standard osmc skin I don’t see these lines even I know they are mounted.

and I just switch to the estuary skin and the two line appears ? (I just did the test )

Hope I am clear

I’m not sure why you posted an image of it working on a 4K instead of showing what your seeing on a V. As you can see from what I posted it should be there. Perhaps you can try resetting the OSMC skin and see if that changes the behavior.


I think I ve done a mistake when I mount the nfs point.

In my capture of screen we see that only YVCDOC belongs to osmc

The two other ZEMOVIELIBRARY ZEMUSICLIBRARY are root and I think it is why they are not displayed when we display the storage. Am I right ?

I believe so. Because these two mounts belong to user root and group root, and since you are neither, then the other permissions are the ones that are in effect and those are currently set to execute only so your lacking read permission.