Tablet +Vero 4K


First I’m appologize for my english, I’m french.

So I need your help : I would to watch movies on my tablet samsung throught my VERO 4k with KODI.

I already installed KODI in my tablet and configured UPNP on my VERO 4K.

So I can to see my mediatheque (in a external HD of 3To connected to VERO 4K), but I can’t read any movies on tablet.

Please somebody could expalin me the good process to do that works ?

Thank you a lot

The Kodi phone/tablet app does not include a media player.
Think of it as a powerful remote control.

However, you could install a UPnP player.

I think he installed kodi for android on the tablet.

@Tolosatof install smb server on Vero and try browsing the files on the tablet using smb protocol source.

As written by the others can you first clarify if you installed KODI or KORE?
If you installed Kodi and you have any issue with UPNP you might alternatively try SMB as mention by @TheHacker66
Also important to check did you add the external HD as a source on the Vero4k before you add it as a source on the Tablet?

Depending on your needs and usage you actually might want to use Yatse instead of Kodi as it would use less resources.

Dear All

Thank you a lot for your answer.

I will try to resolve this with SMB.