Tags on Video Info Details

Can we add tags to the list of items to be displayed on the Video Info details?

And/Or with the info that’s displayed for a highlighted video when browsing (I think it’s mostly codec info there now?).

I am able to update the xml file to display it for the Video Info, but I’d rather not have to keep repeating this process after updates.

I use tags to display aspect ratio and audio, so I know which settings to use on my projector and AVR.

Can you post a screenshot of what you’ve added?

This is in the DialogVideoInfo.xml

I did notice that it can still be cut off if there are more than 12 (I think) pieces of information that are also displayed in the information details. I’m not sure if/where that limit could be increased. I think in the past I may have removed the country or some other field that didn’t offer much use to me.

Not sure but the only additional information compared to the video field is the Atmos-information in your screenshot.
If you rename your video files containing the string ‘atmos’ or ‘dts-x’ instead tagging the video files, this information will be also available in the OSMC skin. All other audio formats will be detected by kodi once the file was touched afaIk. (see skin-settings, advanced, media flags to re-activate the default shown media flags).

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The aspect ratio is also different.

I realize there is naming that can be done, but that would be an extreme amount of additional work.

I thing tag information can be far more useful to users than some of the other information and should definitely be visible somewhere.

I’ve done some reading on tags as this infolabel never occurred to me as important at all… Unfortunately, it seems to me, this hasn’t really changed. Video tags are an absolute corner case when it comes to how many users use them and what they’re being used for. Additionally, tag reading from video files is extremely limited and thus the additional value file tags would give us in this dialog would be very limited.

I’d prefer to stick to what most skins and Kodi do as well as stick to methods of populating the info dialog that let us control what we show - as in e.g. not show redundant info.

Currently, our skin reads all of the audio and video information available and presents them in the video info dialog. I understand the aspect ratio is somewhat difficult, but we do support a filenaming method to be able to control the masking done by the scope skin as well: OSMC Skin Scope Mask feature - #14 by Chillbo
Regarding 3D audio filenaming, you’ll find information here: The OSMC Skin


Hmm, I can’t say I can see how much of the other info would be anywhere as useful to users as Tags would be. Tags are a search/filter parameter. I can’t imagine how them being viewable would not be a pretty basic thing. Surely they are far providing far more valuable information than the country, writers, Studio. This is especially true if someone took the time and effort to add tags, you could imagine they would want to be able to view them (if they didn’t, then nothing would appear anyway). In my case, out of all that is displayed in the info, it is probably the only information I look at, outside of perhaps runtime.

Aspect (I’m not worried about masking, my projector handles that), including variable aspect ratio, and Audio are my particular primary use for them, but it’s not the only information in them. Other users can have a multitude of different reasons for the tags they choose to add.

Renaming hundreds or thousands of files is not really a feasible prospect.

I have only used a few skins in the past, but osmc is the first that I haven’t had tags viewable as the default.

Also, my tags are in .nfo files, not embedded.

I’ll have another look after my vacations. Tbh, information on tags is really sparse in the Kodi wiki and elsewhere. Wasn’t aware you could even filter by tags.

Out of curiosity: What kind of information do you add to your nfo files to show in the tag field, besides what’s visible in your screenshot and what you’ve already mentioned?

On occasion, I’ll include a tag to identify something I may want to use for demo purposes. Also, I have some movies that are fanedits, and I will tag them as such. I may also use it to indicate that there is a TV show that is associated with the movie (or movie associated with a show). I know you can link a show and movie in Kodi, but there are times I will not have one of the items to link in my library.

@Kevinicus, I would also like to point out that your specific configuration (audio type, resolution, aspect) may seem inconspicuous at first, but for everyone else who uses the default ‘The Movie Database Python’ scraper, for example, will have a completely different view namely that tons of more or less useful keywords for the respective film are displayed.
The tags are managed in the SQLite db in the ‘tag’ and ‘tag_link’ tables and apparently always come from the scraper in English (!!!). As an example, the film ‘Hugo’ (in Germany the film was shown under the title ‘Hugo Cabret’):

The scraper has downloaded a whopping 34 keywords for this film, namely

abuse of power
paris, france
clock tower
movie business
train accident
security guard
leg brace
toy store
runaway train
railway station
guard dog
toy maker
mechanical toys
ticking clock
based on young adult novel
train station
mechanical dolls
film history

I can’t imagine that the majority of users like these sometimes meaningless words are sliding through the menu (possibly in the wrong language if you are not English).

So what is helpful for you might not be desirable for many others.

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Interesting. When I scrape my movies I do not get any keywords or tags unless I specifically request them to be scraped.

Unfortunately, getting all keywords as tags is the default and will be used by the most people (I guess):