Tailscale on Vero 4K

Just curious if anyone has installed Tailscale on their Vero 4K ?

I have a spare one that i’m thinking of installing it on, so it can connect to my home server regardless of location. Just curious if anyone has done it?

Also curious what the best practice is for adding extra apt repositories in the Vero?

You can add them to /etc/apt/sources.list or sources.list.d

Unfortunately no experience with Tailscale – it seems to be a VPN provider. You shouldn’t need to install vendor specific apps to use VPN.

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They do their own magic over the top of Wireguard. Not quite as secure as doing ones own config, but quite convenient and easy to use.

@sam_nazarko FYI, I can confirm Tailscale works great on a Vero 4K+.

These instructions work perfect Download · Tailscale

It happily streams at ~15-30mbps.

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Hi there, I’m curious about how you use this application. I’m heading away for two weeks and plan to bring my Vero4K+ with me. I have my library hosted on my syno NAS and was hoping to use this as a way to connect remotely to the MariaDB. I already have tailsscale installed the NAS and Vero. Do you think this is possible? How did you stream remotely? Thanks!

If you have tailscale installed, logged in and active, then just point your Vero at the tailscale IP of your NAS. If it works, then you’re done.