Teamviewer and VyprVPN with OSMC

Teamviewer, that I use in an environment network Windows a lot multipost exists now in compatible version Raspberry Pi (http: // / raspberrypi - file DEB).
My knowledge Linux were practically hopeless(nil,worthless), is it possible to install(settle) this program under OSMC ( KODI) and how it is necessary to proceed?
In the same order of idea, I use, always under Windows, VyprVPN. we can install(settle) him(it) under OSMC.

Teamviewer would require WINE to be installed what is quite a burden for just a simple function that you can reach in OSMC with VNC. Just google VNC server here on the forum.

VyprVPN actually just uses Openvpn so just search for Openvpn here on the forum.

But both tools will require at least some basic Linux knowledge