Teething issues and questions

You can try the above suggestions:

I believe you can also set gain values via /sys/class/amaudio2 for each channel.

But with my testing, it’s OK. Are you in Switzerland? I can try and find a local web shop for you.


i dont understand, what to configure in “/sys/class/amaudio2”.

yes, switzerland. Would it be better in quality to use the digital optical in of my amp?


Obviously, that would mean digital - digital with your AMP doing digital to analog conversion with the hope he has a better hardware then the Vero

There is the option to adjust right or left channel gain there.


I bought this cable ( https://goo.gl/BTM4dN ) and tested it by connecting my macbook to my amp. Worked perfectly. However i can get no sound out my vero2. Under Systemsettings i chose S/PDIF and connected the cable with the the 3.5mm Socket. I tried both of the sockets none worked. My Denon Amp still shows the message “signal unlock”, which according to the handbook means, that there is no signal.

What could be the problem here?

That looks like an optical cable? The SPDIF output on the Vero 2 is electrical but not optical.

so what options do i have left?

  • the analog cable (2xchinch to 3.5mm) does not work properly (having the cable plugged in only half way can not be the solution …).

Did you try changing the gain as suggested above at all?

I am a bit confused, as you seem to be flip-flopping between using an analogue output and using a digital one. If your AVR supports a digital input, you can just use a coaxial SPDIF cable.

Would it be better in quality to use the digital optical in of my amp?

i told you my amp has an optical in, now you tell me that the spdif of vero2 is electronic. How should i now that kind of stuff if its nowhere documented. .

i simply want one properly working output. frankly i am a bit surprised that the vero2 did not play together with any of my hardware (first display, then my amp).

Since the optical in of my amp seems to be worthless for the vero i will try again with analog cable.
but i am no expert and i have still no idea what and how i should configure in /sys/class/amaudio2/. whats to do in this directory? how should i know?


The audio connectors are documented on the product page. There has also been some discussion about this. I understand your frustration, but the Vero does provide a few ways of connecting audio:

  • Analogue out
  • HDMI

I am not sure why you have to do this (as you found out, headphones work OK). If it does need to be partially out, no harm will come of it.

Of course, the better solution is to set gain via /sys/class/amaudio2/. So for the channel which is too loud, you can lower the gain. For example, if the left channel was too loud, you can try:

echo "1" | sudo tee /sys/class/amaudio2/aml_set_android_gain_enable 
echo "192" | sudo tee /sys/class/amaudio2/aml_*_left_gain

and adjust the left_gain value until you find a good value.

Did you ever add more? I can only find shadertoy.

I only added shadertoy

Will glspectrum and waveform ever make an official return? I don’t actually see shadertoy in the Vero 4k (sorry to partially hijack the thread)

Did you enable the shadertoy repository? Have you checked if it’s present?

I don’t think so. But I will look at screensavers again at some point in the near future.


Thanks! I tried to find packages for them on some ppa but it’s hard to find them for the Vero 4k’s arch. Spent about 90 minutes with no success and sadly all of the shadertoy visualizations look lame on my 4k TV.

Vero 4K’s userland is armv7.
I’ll see what can be done.