temperature indicator hour of the device

Any way to add next to the real-time temperature indicator hour of the device

Which device?

raspberry pi 3 and OSMC

System > System Info > Hardware

Displays the CPU temperature

What I want is to appear in the main menu on the top left along with the time and day

That would depend on the skin you are using. I suspect there is no support for this in any skin yet.

Here’s a little bash-script. to send a notify to kodi with temprature and date, which you can run in cron like every minute:

temprature=`/opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp`
date=`date +%Y/%m/%d\ %H:%M:%S`
/usr/bin/xbmc-send -a "Notification($date,$temprature,15)" >/dev/null

Not exactly what you wanted but close to it, and it’s a simple solution.

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I wrote an add on that was originally designed to take the log from SpeedFan for Windows and show it on demand (so again, not quite what you want, but close). I modified it awhile back to let you run a different script that creates a log file that looks like the SpeedFan log and use it to show the temperature on my Pi.

You can find the add on itself (SpeedFan Information Display) in the main Kodi add on repo. You can get the script I use to generate the fake SpeedFan log file here:

Three caveats:

1- the current version on the repo has a bug that keeps this from working right on the Pi. I’ll be submitting an update in a few days for that. You can get the current beta by installing my beta repo and then installing SFID from there.


2- Running an external script is currently undocumented in the SPID wiki page. Go to settings and look in the advanced section to find the settings for running the external script. I’ll update the wiki page soon too.

3- I am a horrible person, and the script I use to generate the fake log file isn’t documented at all. It should run without any changes, but I think by default it includes some voltage information. I really should document that thing.

I have osmc mounted on a rasberry pi3 and also mounted Infrared Receiver (TSOP38238) with 3v of pontencia. As I said I have 3v busy and my curisity would be if you can mount a led to indicate the data flow flashing not data of the rasberry but data received and sent by network either internet or dsml