Temporarily stuck subtitles and audio drop outs on seamless branched movies

I have very few full BD rips on my HDD, most are remuxed, but I keep a few because I want both the theatrical and the non-theatrical cuts and this takes up less room than having two separate remuxes thanks to seamless branching.
One thing I noticed was at the points of the branching subtitles will get temporarily stuck.
So the line will persist on the screen longer than it should and the next few lines won’t be displayed.
Eventually it goes away and new subtitles begin displaying.
This usually takes about 5 seconds or so.
Sometimes the audio will cut out for a very short time as well, maybe half a second.
If I rewind the video back 30 seconds or a minute and rewatch then it doesn’t always do it.
So I’m having a hard time capturing it in a log file but my guess is that something is happening in a buffer.
These are the default HDMV PGS subtitles from the disc and not text based SRT/SSA subtitles.
So I’m thinking that maybe the internal subtitles can’t be read in advance and cached like external text based subtitles could so when the branch happens there’s no buffer and the player has to refill it or something.
I honestly have no idea how the player handles these sorts of things internally but that’s how it appears to me.
The last movie to do it to me was the Aliens UHD.
Anyone familiar with this issue?

it’s the same one like on the vero 4k


The next update should have some improvements which might be beneficial to you.

I’m aware of those threads and those issues, but this is something different.

The subtitle issue you referenced has been around for sometime now and it effects all my videos on the 4K+ and now on the V to this day.
The issue I am describing is different and only happens on seamless branches.
The same is true with the very fast audio drop outs on seamless branch changes as well.
These issues do not happen on remuxes, re-encodes, or full disc rips that do not have seamless branching.

Do you have an expected time window for that release?

Yes. Soon