Test build for Kodi 18.1 final?


I would like to help testing the development version which will be the new next stable osmc. If I understand, that will contain Kodi 18.1.
The current test version in the testing section uses 18.2RC already. So my queation is as follows: is a test version available for Kodi 18.1?

Did you use the forum’s handy search feature? That would have answered your question. You can also look under the ‘Testing’ area in the forum.

I tried :slight_smile:, I will do it again. Now I know that an answer is available, I’ll try harder.

Found this post: https://discourse.osmc.tv/t/testing-kodi-18-leia-builds-for-raspberry-pi/20631/1603; I should use a test version that has a lower than 18.1 version number

Just to be clear: there is no OSMC release or testing build based on 18.1 yet.

I will make a test build available before release.


Ok, I see. Is it corrent that I get an active dev release when I install the latest 17.8 build, or is the current dev build not available?

I assume that a dev version is something else than a test version, but maybe I am asking for something you already told me: no version available that will be ultimately automatically upgraded to osmc 18.1 stable. Please tell me if I do not understand it :slight_smile:.

Thanks again for all for all the hard work!

As I understand it, the gmc-18 repo (17.8 series) is now frozen but is the basis on which the next ‘stable’ release is being produced so it will correspond to Kodi’s 18.1 stable. Instructions for using gmc-18 have now been removed. I expect test builds will be made available in a separate staging repo first then moved to the main distribution repo.

gmc-19 is tracking the on-going Kodi development, so is ‘bleeding edge’.