[TEST] Kodi builds with RetroPlayer support


There are no v17 builds for other platforms yet. I will start with Krypton builds soon when they reach beta.


if it can be of any help, I can test OSMC with Retroplayer.
this doesn’t want to sound pushy, or anything, just wondering if I can support

let me know



I’ll wait until RetroPlayer gets officially merged. I don’t have a lot of time lately so would prefer to merge it in the easiest way possible

It will come with v18 test builds



makes sense

thanks for the feedback



Is there any definite info that retroplayer will come with v18?
I hope it does, I never tried a testbuild with it but it sounds pretty awesome.


They have started merging patches to kodi so I think it’s going to happen


My two snes controlles from 8bitdo are stuck at customs so I’m not in a hurry. :grin: