[TEST] Kodi builds with RetroPlayer support


Good to hear! From a user-space, I’ve been enjoying video game emulation for over 15 years, and as such, I’ve built quite a collection of input devices. Within the past two weeks I just added a Raphnet N64/Gamecube to USB-HID adapter (v2.9), as well as a 4-port Mayflash Gamecube to WiiU/USB-HID adapter.

The device I am looking forward to testing the most however is the Mayflash Dolphinbar. It not only acts as an incandescent LED source for Wiimotes/Wiimote Pluses, but also has it’s own built-in Bluetooth that intercepts and pairs with the Wiimotes and converts the input data to a standard outgoing USB-HID interface. This of course means that the Wiimote can be used as a Mouse, Media Remote, Gamepad, Racing Wheel and best of all, Light Gun for any USB-enabled device that excepts the standard USB-HID interface without any configuration outside basic button mapping. Good Stuff!

Anyway, as I understand it, the Kodi input layer that was designed for Retroplayer was recently merged and can be found in the Kodi nightlies. I realize that currently this only grants the ability to navigate Kodi with all forms of new user periphials. However, I would be happy to begin testing devices for OSMC whenever you guys believe it is ready to do so. I’ve never contributed feedback to an open source project in any official way, so please excuse my ignorance on this issue or if I have jumped the gun on my offer to help.

As always, Thanks.


Awesome… I was just looking into retropie to replace our Wii (which has our older N-N64 games) is dying… to0 bad I didnt put homebrew onto it to make backups of the wii disks for Dolphin…


@sam_nazarko any news on this perhaps get @gmc to push these builds gets it off your hands


If he wants to maintain them that’s fine by me, but I suspect there’s not enough demand to warrant it for now. Perhaps a less frequent build could still be useful.


since it is proposed to be included in version 18 it might be good to start soon so that if there are issues they are found early rather then when it hits mainline and most users are using retrosmc since most of em doesnt even know that this is coming to Kodi.

imho its always better to be ahead then behind.


I started with retro player but moved over to recalbox when I was unable to setup both 8bitdo controllers to connect. Also modified mount and unmount points for a SMB share ROM access. Rather looking forward to baked in support!


Shame I’ve only just seen this as I’d be willing to test, been running the OSX and windows builds since the original release.


BTW, I’ve added support for direct mmal rendering with retroplayer here:

This means RGB data from emulator can be displayed without the conversion (to YUV) done on other platforms.
That improves performance and image quality.


Sounds great :slight_smile:


Are there any official updates on this or has official support been dropped?


RetroPlayer is coming in v18. There wasn’t much demand so I did not continue with these builds. I suspect once Krypton is released we will make some more builds.


WOOP!! - sounds awesome, even for the vero2?


Of course. Soon we will offer nightlies for all platforms. The Pi ones are produced by @gmc but I will also produce them for other platforms as well.

In v18 when this is all merged, it will be part of Kodi on all platforms as standard.


[HowTo] Scripts for using Xbox Controller in RetrOSMC

Great news to me! I feel like so much amazing stuff is happining right now in kodi. Streaming support for amazon prime video, sky go and maybe netfilx in v17 and retroplayer for v18.


Are you sure about this? I updated to the latest Krypton test build yesterday (2016.08-136) and plugged one of my PlaySega USB controllers. Out of the box, they can’t control the Kodi GUI. Now maybe I missed some setting somewhere, but I had a look in Settings>System>Input and they didn’t show up, only the CEC adapter did.

Oh and to comment on @trohn_javolta’s last post, AFAICT amazon prime video is not working currently, given amazon switched their streams to DRM-encumbered streams a few months ago. At least that’s what a quick read of the plugin’s thread on the main Kodi forum lead me to understand.


It’s possible with libwidevinecdm.so library.
There are already testbuilds of libreELEC avaiable with the inputstream plugin from user Milhouse.
Then you have to istall said widevine library http://nmacleod.com/public/libreelec/getwidevine.sh
and last but not least install the amazon prime video plugin from user Sandmann http://www.kodinerds.net/index.php/Thread/44211-Release-Amazon-Prime-Instant-Video/


This should also work on OSMC if you install the Amazon plugin and widevine libs


Using a kodi v17 testbuild right?


GMC’s test builds should suffice.


do these also work on vero2? If so how could I revert to normal after installing a testbuild.