Test Pattern Video Files to tune TV brightness/contrast/saturation

HI folks,

Very recently discovered this TecRadar article How to use Netflix’s ‘secret’ video test patterns to improve your 4K TV’s picture | TechRadar about a series of test pattern videos to help set brightness/contrast/saturation/hue on the TV for optimum blacks and whites and colour grading.

It worked rather well for Netflix, which i run as an app from the Prism+ Q65-QE Adnroid TV.

Am wondering if there’s a video file or something similar, or what best practice is in tuning the TV for Vero 4k+'s output (via HDMI) to the same TV ? I tried with this YouTube video (133) 4K Television Calibration in 5 Minutes - YouTube and the settings didn’t differ by much from what it was for the Netflix app on the TV.

Tapping into the collective wisdom and knowledge to see any ideas, or general pointers on what people use for this ? Any illumination (no pun intended !) would be helpful.

For HDR10

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