[TESTING] 10-bit, HDR and dithering improvements

Sry, that was a misunderstanding then. I was referring to the stable kernel :grin:
The issue is gone in the test kernel.

That is good to hear


i can not edit the rc.local (for 10 bit display), because “permission denied”. I was connected by sftp via Filezilla…

Any idea?

Many thanks!
BR Peter

Suggest you use SSH to access the box. You’ll also need to use sudo to get elevated privilege when editing rc.local.

See Accessing the command line

Thanks for reply! I was connected via SSH, but don’t know how to edit the rc.local… For this i try to use filezilla. Could you give me a further hint?

BR Peter

Use sudo nano /etc/rc.local


Many thanks for helping out! After procedure OSMC shows update available, will this overwrite the test build again?


I’m pretty new to the Vero 4k, but I have tried one 10bit 4k movie which is looking much better with this build. Can’t really say anything about the banding issue. I do however experience occasional blackouts. Full debug log here: https://paste.osmc.tv/qapopigapi


10bit Picture-depth is working well with this build; But there is no switching between 8 and 10 bit, right? It stays at 10 bit also for 8 bit content. Was this your intention?

Great work + hope to see this “feature” official!


Yes – this is expected.

This functionality will be implemented in the next update. Thanks to everyone in this thread for testing and helping us prepare it for OSMC :thumbsup:

Closing this thread as the above improvements are now in OSMC’s July update