[TESTING] Improved multi-channel PCM for Vero 4K

You probably put that line in there after initially testing… This thread has the instructions to do that in the first post.

The line won’t be there without manual action by the user.

If you’d like to be on the regular update branch, you should delete the line and save. :wink:

Do you have ‘Keep audio device alive’ on? Turn it off if you don’t need it to keep your AVR from sleeping.

Hi Wuschel,

the file is write-protected ??? Any ideas? i am not familiar with Linux…

Thx, Marc

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Just put a # in front of the stretch-devel line Ctrl-X to save and exit

Just follow Graham’s instructions… You need sudo to modify the file.

Thanks to you both, Marc

I do not. Seems easily reproducible.

Start a movie with DTS:X or TrueHD Atmos track. Stop playing within 15 seconds. Then start playback of a multichannel PCM audio (I use LiveTV from Zuki HDHomerun DVR add-on). My AVR will not play back anything and still shows the audio format of the previous audio track (ie DTS:X).

This could be an issue with my AVR, but I don’t have this issue using Kodi from a Windows computer following the same procedure.

I will try to get a log submitted next time I’m in front of this TV.