[TESTING] Kodi 17 (Krypton) Beta Builds for all platforms

Hi, since update to Kodi 17 I can not connect to Kodi oficial repository to install subtitles addons. Any help?
Thank you.

It’s already discussed above.

Edit the file:


Edit the “extention point” section to look like this…

<extension point="xbmc.addon.repository">
                <datadir zip="true">http://download.osmc.tv/kodi/addons/krypton</datadir>

This is fixed in git, and will work with the next build, but for now you have to edit it manually


Thank you, very. Since I’m a noobie I’m going to wait untill next build to solve this, because I simply don’t know how to do that.
My best and happy new year!

Any news about a new build with latest beta?
Do we see a new build before end of this year? :wink:


I hope that everyone is enjoying their Christmas break.

I had a little bit of time to work on Kodi Beta 7. As you will see in some of my earlier posts I was a little reluctant to publish a new build so shortly, but it’s clear that the repository issue has tripped a few people up and the more testing we get on the whole the better.

We also have excellent work from @gezb on BTPlayer. You should now see playback progress on screen when playing back A2DP audio with a compatible application.

This build is reasonably mature, but there’s still a reasonable amount of work that needs to be done on the OSMC side to get us ready for Krypton. So if things don’t completely seem right with you, then don’t worry.

The OSMC skin has also been updated with @BobCrachett’s latest improvements. He would love your feedback here. We are lucky to have such an excellent and hard working skinner on board, so don’t forfeit the opportunity to let him know how to make things even better. We appreciate all feedback, even though we can’t always act on it.

So all in all, looking forward to feedback here.

For info on how to update, or if you’re installing for the first time, see my first post here.



A massive thanks for all the hard work you and the others do

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Just installed the latest OSMC image 24-12 and installed the Beta Build, during installation of Beta Build, I got a sad face, rebooting via terminal > sad face.

Log file:

I will perform the steps again with a clean SD card just to be sure I didn’t do anything funky.

edit: wrote the image from dec-24st, finished the OSMC wizard on the tv, ran the commands to upgrade to Kodi 17 beta build, sad face after the reboot:

So seems we have a couple of issues. There is an extra < in /usr/share/kodi/addons/repository.xbmc.org/addon.xml also the md5 location seems incorrect.

Once past that hurdle the old md5 issue is back. So you need to set hashes to false also to get addons to install

Extract of file after changes to copy and paste:

   <extension point="xbmc.addon.repository">                                            

@Sam: How can we rollback to your Beta5-release?
After letting OSMC do its upgrade using ‘MyOSMC’, I’m stuck in a sad-face-loop, removing /.kodi doesn’t help so I figure I need to reinstall the Beta5 again - but how to?
Smthg like ‘sudo apt-get install --reinstall rbp2-mediacenter-osmc-16.9.5-1’ doesn’t work, so I’m stuck at the moment…

You don’t roll back when you are on testing branch! lol… you provide detailed info, including logs so that we may all move forward!

The fix is incoming, please be patient.


It seems that file is causing the boot loop. Also the song info etc doesn’t seem to be appearing when playing a song through my iPhone. Just a heads up. Not sure how that really works so don’t know if a log dump will help. Have attached anyway after fixing the xml file.


Well, we were able to roll back to previous versions when we were running @gmc’s Krypton builds, so…

Hi Lawrence

Can you go into plugins-> my plugins -> service plugins and check that BTPlayer is listed and if it is select it and check it’s enabled

I can’t see the plugin loading in your logs and this is possibly why you are not seeing info from streaming

I will make a change to make sure it gets enabled by default in a later build

Edit: it also looks like you are running version 1.0.5 of a2dp-app-osmc the latest version is 1.0.7

Under services all I have is updates. I can’t see btplayer under all either. So it appears not to be installed. Let me know if you want any logs or anything ran. Happy to give you ssh access too if that’s easier

I have done an apt-get update and dist-install it still thinks 1.0.5 is the latest version :confused:

That seems to be the version the script points too


Thanks for reporting the issue with the repository XML file. It looks like I’ve fat-fingered that twice in the past few weeks, but I have now pushed updated builds with a fix, so you can update to restore normal service.

The MD5 location is actually correct, but hashes did need to be disabled. Interestingly, Kodi doesn’t seem to host any MD5 hashes, and unless their mirror system is generating them on the fly, I’m not sure how it’s working at all. The MD5 file we provide does resolve and is up to date, so it should be working. That’s for another day though.

You can’t. The reason we have test builds is so that these things get tested and discovered before we distribute these builds to the masses. If this doesn’t take your fancy (and that’s completely understandable), then you should stay with Kodi Jarvis. @gmc’s builds allow downgrading because we use a very hacky way to create the repository for those builds. But that system isn’t suitable for OSMC proper (where we have a lot of packages and dependencies). Most users also won’t know how to downgrade nor know what to downgrade. But we resolved this issue in less than one hour, which is a pretty quick response time.

Run update again. It’s possible your ISP is running a proxy or caching the repository somewhere. The latest version is 1.0.7:

krypton|main|i386: a2dp-app-osmc 1.0.7
krypton|main|amd64: a2dp-app-osmc 1.0.7
krypton|main|armhf: a2dp-app-osmc 1.0.7
krypton|main|arm64: a2dp-app-osmc 1.0.7


I’m on a pi3 so armhf. That said though the package doesn’t appear to be in any of my sources. Apt-cache shows 1.0.5 as the only available version and not in a repo.

The repo can’t be cached though as I installed the new beta update. Kodi shows it’s running rc1

Do you mean that you just installed my new updated build, or are you referring to the previous build?

I am able to get 1.0.7 here on Virgin Media, so it could be some caching on your side. Try check on your PC.


Ah it just updated!