[TESTING] Kodi 17 (Krypton) Beta Builds for all platforms

Hi Chris,

Is this using CEC?

Possible that you need to configure OSMC as a ‘Recorder’ rather than a player. This would give you the same behaviour as when you use Raspberry Pi.

No clue about this – add-ons should function the same across all platforms. Check that the repository is up to date (manual refresh) and try again. If it persists a debug log would be handy.

You seem to have a lot of repositories and ‘unofficial’ addons.

It’s up to the maintainers of these add-ons to ensure that they work properly in Kodi Krypton. A bissection is probably the easiest way to find the culprit.

In your logs I can see that there are some errors with a Google Code repository as well. You should consider removing this repository. I don’t think Google Code exists anymore.

ok i will do a fresh setup and than upgrade to v17. After that i import the database from the backup. Should solve this.


Yes – it will solve your issue.

Good evening Sam!

RPI2 and V2 tested on same TV/HDMI/Ethernet cable. Both updated to latest Beta.

Yes Sir… and the channel forward back skips through the video as expected on beta RPI2 build

Apparently my search skills are lacking. I checked this forum, the wiki, and the kodi forum to no avail.
How would you like me to go about this?

That’s what I thought too… strange that it installed fine onto the Beta Rpi2 build.
I have the ZIP repository and ZIP add-on stored to an NFS share.
I can install the repository on both, and the add-on on to the Rpi2 via the repository or the add-on zip.

When I try to install the add-on via either the repository (without first telling the repository to update) or add-on zip on the V2 beta it fails.

Ok… this is nutso.
Updating the repository on the V2 fails (works on Rp2)
But updating the repository, which then fails, on the V2 and then installing via the repository works.
I had debugging on when I entered the account credentials… guessing that shouldn’t be posted up in public so turned debugging off and restarted.
…So something here is a little off… but not certain what to provide to help iron it out at this point… or just ignore it as being a one off problem.

Check out this post/thread HDMI-CEC some buttons not working on Vero2 that do work on Pi2 - #13 by androb

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Chuck some logs up and I can take a look.

Occasionally, you will catch the repository at a bad time (mid refresh) which is why I suggested refreshing.

You can PM me the logs / change password.

Just for the curious tinkerer: are instructions available on how to build osmc for yourself?


Thank you, but I already looked there of course. :grin:

OSMC Build Architecture Overview states

Information on completely building OSMC from source is covered in the article Building OSMC completely from source

but no such article seems to exist.

There are instructions on building Kodi (around the forums)

Building OSMC (from scratch) is quite a long task.
There will be more documentation in the future.

Definately looking forwards for that!

I consider that a great opportunity to “get my hands dirty” and learn more about compiling a full system.

Thanks @Dilligaf for that link

Changed the V2 from a Player to a Recorder as per below, however the Channel forward/back button is still disconnecting switching to the TV source. Did not happen on v16 V2. Does not happen on v17 Rpi2.
sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
sudo nano /usr/share/kodi/system/peripherals.xml
_*** set value from 4 to 1 here: setting key=“device_type” type=“int” value=“1” configurable=“0” _
sudo systemctl start mediacenter
A log of pressing forward: http://paste.osmc.io/asijibazav
(This is really annoying)

Pandoki’s add-on repository update failing:

However, now that the couple hoops jumped through allowed me to install Pandoki…
It allows me to update the add-on itself: http://paste.osmc.io/obawiniluq

(I searched the log link… didn’t see any account log on info… so all good!)

You’re editing the wrong file, edit the one in ~/.kodi/userdata/peripherals the files in .kodi override the ones in /system

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I feel like a dunce. Thanks

cec_0000_0000.xml , cec_0471_1001.xml, imx_0471_1001.xml, & rpi_2708_1001.xml all contained a device type of 1 already

cec_CEC_Adapter.xml’s device type was 4, so I changed that to a 1.
(for others following that would be: sudo nano .kodi/userdata/peripheral_data/cec_CEC_Adapter.xml)

AND… :+1: Changing the 2 XML device types from a 4 to a 1 has solved the channel forward/back button snaffu on the V2 beta :slight_smile: Many thanks

Can’t see any obvious reason why the repository didn’t update / install.

I changed it because on some Samsung TVs it improves things and on others it breaks things…

Big enough ‘issue’ to be a user selectable item? An update to one of the osmc setting screens that sets all device type settings to Cec = 1/4 perhaps? I’m happy changing the files manually

Maybe. There should be a better way to fix it properly ideally

Not really big bugs but should be mentioned.

  1. Codec Info Overlay

If i activate the Overlay (CodecInfo) and close it again, sometime some pieces of the overlay font still stay on screen. It dissapears after press pause or jump a step back or forward in the movie.

PS: the old CodecInfo was more helpful as there was more informations, but i think this is nothing you can fix, its a Kodi Team thing :frowning:

2 When i start a movie, it is always asyncron at the beginning, so i jump a step back and all is fine. Maybe there need to be some improvements in the next updates.

I imported my setttings from a Kodi 16 backup, maybe it is a setting with sync fps to display or something that kodi 17 not like at the moment. (when jump a step back all is fine)

At the moment no big problems for me so not really a ugent thing, i just wanted to notice it :slight_smile:

There are some timing improvements for Vero 2 that will be included in the next RC.
We will test them internally first however.