[TESTING] Kodi 17 (Krypton) builds for Raspberry Pi (continued)


That’s what I would suspect too.


@sam_nazarko and @fzinken have had those types of resets too think its mostly due to changes in Kodi.


sudo grab-logs -A just the kodi log isnt good enough.


Need a log / or some ways to reliably replicate.



doubt they are in there but here is one (no debug flag on).

think its due to development on the skin that we get these resets.



I have “hdmi_ignore_cec_init=1” but I have had same issues when it was 0


I also have this problem with skin menu items coming back after reboot.


@corb06 so grab a log, how hard is it ?


Well, since it seem to be a reaccuring problem I thought dev already knew what was causing it.
Anyways, I just enabled logging, and did a reboot but somehow the items hidden in main menu are still hidden after reboot. So problem is no longer a problem here.

Also noticed that CEC is working much better now for some reason. Usually when I press a button on remote, kodi action is delayed 10 seconds, then it skips two steps instead of one. But now Kodi is reacting immedatly after pressing remote commands. Very nice to be able to use TV remote again instead of Yatse App.


Haven’t got a clue.


16.8-186, 10 Nov 2016: Based off OSMC commit (b9120ae19) and newclock5 (b4ce16c47)


Display milliseconds in log file (PR:10884, 1 commit, 5 files changed)
[Depends] Force link generation (ln -s) to package config files to allow subsequent make binary-addons calls (PR:10823, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
Forced rescan of music file tags for v17 (PR:10759, 1 commit, 3 files changed)
[subtitles] decode html escape characters (reverted from commit 56ff2… (PR:10885, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
MMALRenderer: Release buffers on a flush (PR:10895, 1 commit, 1 file changed)
Ask user to configure new controllers (once) (PR:10882, 1 commit, 16 files changed)

Changed setting of channel order display (multi-choice instead of flag) (PR:149, 1 commit, 4 files changed)


New commits in this build:
MMALRender: Reduce log spam (b4ce16c4)

Commits no longer in build:
logging: Add microsecond timer to log messages (558b7162)
build: Allow installed links to be overwritten (656a5d07)
NFSFile: Chank ChunkSize to 1MB (9866cba4)
Revert “NFSFile: Chank ChunkSize to 1MB” (17f32be2)
Equal placed for AudioDSP settings in video- and music OSD (9dc67b47)
Use correct output format in ActiveAEBuffer and correct spellings (8ce21517)
Move FFMPEG converter array defines to cpp file and use them in CActiveAEDSPProcess::Process(…) (ccc865ba)
Replace channel flag if’s with loops and simplify SetFFMpegDSPProcessorArray(…) (32830774)
Add optional cout and debug log messages with #ifdef ADSP_COUT_DEBUG_OUTPUT (948d0003)
Delete all buffers when the buffer pool gets recreated (8f72b8e7)
Use same timestamp and pkt_start_offset as the input buffer (741247b5)
AudioDSP is not allowed to change the audio format without notifying ActiveAE (6910cc7d)
Currently AudioDSP has the same amount of input frames as output frames, which results in zero delay (6cbaa7fa)
Add input and output AudioDSP format variables (5c7acbd9)
Use one member variable for the output format (805e420d)
Deleting NULL pointer is safe (9351f841)
Use correct frame sizes for FFMPEG format conversion functions (a3ea662c)
Set FFMPEG converter array to NULL (cd0a6f20)
Use correct array pointers for internal resampler (81a3aa04)
Fix FFMPEG channel index mapping (ee10613f)
MMALRenderer: Release buffers on a flush (3f5a87e5)


Question: I get an icon on homescreen saying there is an update, but whenever I tried updating via the MyOSMC it ends up with error message. Is this the way its suppose to be?
Is the only way to update 17.0, via SSH and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade commands?


@corb06 been talking to @sam_nazarko and @Karnage about this but have yet been able to reproduce this issue but i know what your taking about.

the differance for be is that ive disabled all notifications yet the notifications turns up on the screen anyways.

so if anyone else has experianced this please post debug logs.


Are my logs carrying any interesting infos?


I’m using IPTV with PVR SImple Client. Normally there are some icons for the channels, but now they are not more available with the errors :
13:40:38.778 T:1958854656 ERROR: CGUITextureManager::GetTexturePath: could not find texture’
13:40:38.778 T:1958854656 ERROR: CGUITextureManager::GetTexturePath: could not find texture

Do someone have the same issue ?


Do you have the skinshortcut addon installed and activated?


I am using Kodi 17 Bet6 10/11/2016 - The DVD ISO play function isn’t working. ISO files are mixed full DVD Rip, or menu removed. Both fails, but not in every case.
The error message is “Playback failed”, One or more items failed to play. Check the log for more information about this message.

I have zero problems with BluRay ISO files, those are working well.


so where is the log then ? love it that its the same repeat offenders just blabbing in this thread and not providing information.


Latest revsion (16.8-187) keeps crashing whenever i press play on any media


Debug enabled.

Downgrading to (16.8-185) fixes the issue.


wish i could make that blinking and red :slight_smile:


Are you also having the problem on 186?
188 should be up shortly - see if you still have problems with that.


hehe had my first cup of coffee so i just reverted to last good version ill try the 188 version as soon as its up.