[TESTING] Linux 4.9 kernel and improved video stack for Vero 4K / 4K +

Plex Kodi Connect.

Do you have movie set display turned on causing your movie count to appear to be different than what it should be?

I didn’t touch anything so I doubt it? Where would that option be?

settings>media>videos>show movie sets>

Should probably also check to make sure you are viewing all video and not just watched or unwatched (the option is normally found in the slideout menu)

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You’re a damn genius. Somehow the option to hide watched was toggled on. Sigh. Sometimes it’s the simplest explanations…

Thank you, sir.

And wow, I figured out why it happened. Prior to this kernel I would hold down/long press the OK button on my Harmony to bring up the contextual menu so I could mark a movie as watched/unwatched. Now holding down that button toggles watched/unwatched status for all movies! So that’s what happened.

How do I undo that change because that’s an issue for me, clearly!?

I think you are confusing “view” with “status”. If your harmony shows up as a keyboard, and you have a OSMC remote dongle plugged in, then there is a mapping added that will toggle the view on OK (enter) long-press, but that does not change the actual watched status. There is a seperate mapping for play long-press that does. If you had a custom keymap you had set to perform that action that should have overridden this new keymap. Check out my guide and if you can’t figure out how to get it working how you want then start a new thread for that issue.

I hear you. Sorry, I wasn’t confused - just typed my thoughts wrong (duh). It just toggles the view now - yes, when I hold down the OK button on my Harmony. I’ll try and figure out how to fix that, because it’s a pita now. Thanks.

FYI I don’t have any OSMC dongle plugged in. Just using the BT connection.


This setting seems to have addressed this:

You can alternatively disable the custom keymap entirely by going to Settings>System>Input>Peripherals>OSMC RF Remote>Don’t use the custom keymap for this device>[enable] and then reboot Kodi.

If you didn’t have an OSMC remote dongle plugged in then that extra keymap wouldn’t load and you would not have even seen that setting.

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Aaaaand you’re wrong.

(You’re right. Fuuuu.)

This has been a rough week. No excuses.

Okay, Sam, I split my 2-minute test clip into three sections of 40 seconds each, and uploaded all three. At least one of them should skip a bit. (As I said, playing the full two minute clip I get over 300 frames skipped, even playing from flash memory).

Yeah, I thought I remembered the 300Mbps jellyfish clip playing smoothly. It definitely doesn’t now, even from flash storage. The 250Mbps clip is okay, though.

As you say, academic as far as it goes; I was just surprised that the maximum bitrate it can handle seems to have gone down slightly with the new kernel.

@sam_nazarko, I realised I haven’t actually posted logs for Billy Lynn yet. Always a chance there’s something weird about my setup. Here you go:


I tested Gemini Man last night and it was silky smooth so there doesn’t seem to be an issue with UHD HFR per se.
It’s hard to put my finger on exactly what but there seems to be a marked improvement in picture quality in 4.9

That will be because of full metadata passthrough.

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I’m not sure what, if anything my TV (Pana DX902) actually does with the MaxCLL / MaxFALL data, I am going to put some test patterns though later and have a look.
The improvement is pretty remarkable though, more than I expected :+1::+1:

Yep, and this will make a significant difference with higher-end projectors.

Now, if the Kodi high-bitrate Atmos problem and subtitles issues are resolved sometime in the next decade, I’ll have to buy Sam at least one beer. Maybe two.

I’ve managed to fix this issue playing HEVC MKVs by disabling amcodec.
What’s the preferred setting for amcodec with the 4.9 kernel?

AFAIK amcodec isn’t going to be present in Kodi 19 in any case.

Logs are here for when I had amcodec enabled:

You need to enable debug logging.

Which issue?

I found the problem. I’ll fix it in the next update.