[TESTING] Linux 4.9 kernel and improved video stack for Vero 4K / 4K +

That’s understandable. I’d love be to be able to adjust tone curves on a per title basis (specifically 4K HDR titles being converted to SDR) so that it always plays that specific video using the tone curve that was set for it.

Just so I’m not missing anything, are you refering to the ‘Tone mapping’ setting which I think has been there at least since 18.0? Or is there something new in Matrix?

Because I used a special MadVR and dsplayer based Kodi build (I think 17.4?!) , I did not have this tone mapping feature. Today I installed a 18.6 version for my Bigscreen Virtual Reality streaming cinema and found tone mapping.
In the Vero 4k+ the tone mapping is missing. So I have to wait for upcoming solutions.

Hey Sam, I happen to have both the devel, and the 4.9 kernal repos turned on for one my veros.

deb http://apt.osmc.tv/ stretch-devel main
deb http://apt.osmc.tv/ videoimprovevero main

So, I’ve ended up with 4.9 kernel as well as Kodi 18.7.

Am I risking major breakage with both of these repos turned on at the same time? (have not seen any problems after the 18.7 update, but if its a risk that the devel branch kodi upates may conflict with the 4.9 changes, I’ll want to disable it)

Shouldn’t be a problem - 18.7 is the future for both repos.

No breakage - but you will lose 3D for now with 18.7

Yesterday I tried to play some test files. To mount my NAS folders I use NFS over the GUI. Playing the jellyfish 400 mkv I found the file stuttering in the first part. I read, that this could be fixed with using autofs instead of the GUI. Because none of my normal contend stutters including 60HZ 4k files, I decided not to install autofs for the moment. I transfered the file to Veros internal ssd folder and played again. I was wondering to see it stutter a little, too . Is that normal? I would be surprised if a file can play fluid through my gigabit lan with autofs and not from internal storage?!

I’ve found that the 400, and even the 300Mb/s jellyfish video stutters when played from internal flash memory. The 250Mb/s one is fine. This isn’t something you need to worry about, though - 250Mb/s is roughly double the maximum permitted bit-rate of a UHD blu ray disc, so you’ll never encounter bit-rates like that in anything except a benchmark test.

Is there a bug in this version, that causes blackscreens and a red buffering circle with 100 in the middle with some HEVC videos? Eventually if there is a little part of the file corrupted at the beginning? My other kodi systems play the files without problems. Also I found some files that return to the Kodi menu after starting and changing the framerate.

There are some files that will not play back that worked under 3.14.

This should be fixed in the next build.

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It will be included in the next build.

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After June update kodi 18.7.1 sometimes crashed when i switch TV channels. There is a log


Hi All,
Just received vero 4k+. Trying to enable 3D.
I don’t have write rights on source.list with osmc user. It’s been almost 20y I didn’t type linux commands…etc so help please

Prefix the nano command with sudo and you will have rights to overwrite the file


Such quick reply. You rock!
Of course that did the trick.
ashamed… so easy

Thanks !!

I’m glad this is working for you now.


I might have misunderstood some few things:
Am I not supposed to get additional option “hardware” in settings->display for 3D stereoscopic/current?
Note that I am directly trying with iso, which I was expecting to work directly (fine in 2D). Shall extract TS instead?

I’ve installed kernell 4.9 (checked system info confirming).
Checked the 3d capabilities:
osmc@osmc:~$ cat /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/disp_cap_3d
480p60hz TopBottom SidebySide
576p50hz TopBottom SidebySide
720p50hz FramePacking TopBottom SidebySide
720p60hz FramePacking TopBottom SidebySide
1080p24hz FramePacking TopBottom SidebySide
1080p25hz TopBottom SidebySide
1080p30hz TopBottom SidebySide
1080i50hz TopBottom SidebySide
1080p50hz TopBottom SidebySide
1080i60hz TopBottom SidebySide
1080p60hz TopBottom SidebySide

Well first question is, did you updated to the latest OSMC Version (June)? If so you would need to downgrade to make 3D work again.

sudo apt-get install --reinstall vero3-mediacenter-osmc=18.6.0-13

ok. I missed the point: it is about testing other element of this kernell.

Works, thanks.
I would like to contribute to this test as well.
Could you please let me know the package name to swing back to this test version of osmc (like 18.7.x-xx)?