[TESTING] Linux 4.9 kernel and improved video stack for Vero 4K / 4K +

Please see PM. After rollback all the issues are gone immediately, btw.

hi sam,

ill try at weekend, but i thought you had tested it from original thread i created

I have tested indeed. I am only using a single tuner with a powered USB hub however. Perhaps there’s a specific interaction with two. Will check.

Actually he has three.

I’ve been on this testing version for a couple of weeks now, trying to get Kodi to better manage HDR content on my non HDR TV.

I’ve noticed that when watching 4K videos, my tv in getting “black” for a second, just like when Kodi and the TV change the refresh rate between menus and different videos.

Does this happen to someone else as well?


Are your files a blue ray video (BDMW container )?
Something similar like described here?:

It can be. I’m gonna try with the whitelisting option and also in debug mode, but I can’t find how I turn that option off?

I watch .mkv’s in x264 or hevc, and lately I didn’t noticed this problem. It was first when I started a new season of Peaky Blinders, in 4k rather then 1080p, in 25p I noticed this. 1080@25fps was no problem. Also when I watched a movie in some kind of 23.x in 4k there was no problem.

But also when I set the system to 4k@60Hz I see the screen “getting Black” for a second like it trying do find a suitable mode or something.

Right now when I paused I got a screen with some “errors” I’ve noticed right before the screen goes black/flicker.


Yep, same for me, but with the stable kernel.

How to turn whitelisting off? You just unselect anything selected in the list and that will disable the whitelist. There is no on/off toggle. If you have one or more resolutions selected then it switches over to using the whitelist.

As to your black screen issue it sounds like you need a better hdmi cable/s or if your going through an audio device you need to look at that. When you play 25p content it will normally be output at double frame rate. If your issue is only showing up when your sending out 4k 50p and 60p then this strongly suggests a bandwidth issue.

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This may be a dumb question but I am running the 4.9 kernel on my test Vero 4K+, I finally got around to looking at the Kodi logs and see this on startup:

2020-06-23 13:58:01.962 T:4064583680 NOTICE: -----------------------------------------------------------------------
2020-06-23 13:58:01.962 T:4064583680 NOTICE: Starting Kodi (18.7). Platform: Linux ARM (Thumb) 32-bit
2020-06-23 13:58:01.962 T:4064583680 NOTICE: Using Release Kodi x32 build (version for Vero)
2020-06-23 13:58:01.962 T:4064583680 NOTICE: Kodi compiled 2020-06-10 by GCC 6.3.0 for Linux ARM (Thumb) 32-bit version 4.9.110 (264558)
2020-06-23 13:58:01.962 T:4064583680 NOTICE: Running on Open Source Media Center 2020.06-1, kernel: Linux ARM 32-bit version 4.9.113-20-osmc
2020-06-23 13:58:01.962 T:4064583680 NOTICE: FFmpeg version/source: 4.0.4-Kodi

My dumb question is why is it a 32 bit kernel vs. a 64 bit ? Sam mentioned in this thread that the Vero 4K could run 64 bit. I am running 64 bit Kodi on on other platforms and I do realize that makes some binary addos incompatible if they haven’t been compiled for 64 bit. The Kodi team is trying to move everything to 64 bit. I think I made an assumption that 4.9 would be 64 bit so I thought I’d inquire.

The kernel is Aarch64 (64-bit)
Userland stays armhf (32-bit)

Kodi isn’t ‘moving’ anything to 64-bit.
This hasn’t changed in this test build and binary add-ons should work fine.

Thanks Sam. Are there any plans to offer a 64 bit version of kodi with OSMC on the Vero 4K platform ? I overstated the Kodi move to 64 bit but there has been a slow move across platforms with Kodi 64 bit compiles being available. Windows 64 bit binaries became available with Kodi 18.

There is no benefit of a 64-bit version of Kodi, only drawbacks.

Thanks again Sam. Appreciate the quick responses.

I can confirm that after that I today changed HDMI cable from my PS4, I had no problem with an episode in 4k@25 when the TV was in 50Hz. Also I see no problem with having the system in 4k@60.

Strange that that cable just gone bad just like that…

Anyhow, thanks.


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Maybe there has been tension / pulling on the cable.

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Hmm weird. The cables I use are brand new and have been tested using Dolby Vision (owned a SHIELD 2019 for a couple of days).

Can this also be due to the Vero being connected to my Samsung HW-Q90R and then via eARC to my LG TV? I don’t really mind it, I just thought this was how it’s supposed to be.

Hdmi cables going bad, or even them being flaky brand new, is really not all that unusual. The higher the resolution, frame rate, and color format, the more susceptible they will be to causing issues. Just a single kink of a cable, or an tug could be enough to degrade it enough that it can have issues. Unless you have a long run to something like a projector then you don’t need anything particularly expensive or special. If you think you might have an issue just pick up another cable (shorter is better) rated for 18gb/s and swap it out to find if that is where your problem lies. There was a thread a while back where someone asked for recommendations. I don’t remember any of them being more than maybe $15 USD.

Shorter is not always better. There is a known issue with 18Gbps HDMI cables too short. So basic rule is minimum 1.5 meters length (I know among others that Trinnov recommends this).

It is also very equipment specific. Experienced this with Apple TV 4K, short cable (1 meter) gave issues. Same cable on Oppo UDP 203, no issues on same signal type. 2 meter cable on Apple TV 4K on same HDMI input of my processor gave no such issues.

Yeah I know, I had two bad cables at first - I need them to be eARC compatible. The first bad ones worked as usual, but once I enabled Dolby Vision the screen went black (forever). The ones I’m using now work perfectly with DV, so I’m pretty sure they can handle the lower bandwidth of the Vero’s HDMI output.

Although, I’m using one short cable from the Vero to the soundbar (0.5m). I think I’ll try and swap it for 1.5m.

The cable from the soundbar to the TV is a 3m one (https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B084BZZJX2)

Edit: Sorry for derailing the topic btw.