[TESTING] Linux 4.9 kernel and improved video stack for Vero 4K / 4K +

It was indeed a 4k hdr x265

For me in was also 4k h.265

for me it was 1080p x265, 2-3 different encodes, but it’s rare to happen

Ditto on 4K H.265 video files, noticeably high bit rate/UHD remux, it has been very inconsistent in trying to replicate the fault however.

I seem to lose a connection between the Vero and my TV after a day or two of not using it.
The Vero is accessible through SMB and it is still downloading torrents with the Transmission app installed on it. But my screen on the HDMI input is black. This appears to happen when I don’t watch anything for some time.
My TV does recognize there is a connection otherwise it would show a blue screen with a message that there is not input device. This should mean the TV sees the Vero but the Vero shows a black screen and doesn’t react to inputs from the remote.
Is this a known issue?

When it happens, can you grab some logs by ssh?

Yes, next week I will try to get logs.


With the latest test build my vero has good with the cec and resolutions not disappearing. Over the last few builds I have had on only a couple of occasions, the current resolution reset to something like 1366x768p.
The tv had been in standby and the vero running as normal. It happened again today and I got the logs but unfortunately they are not debug logs.
Not sure if they will help at all

when this happens I can simply change back via gui no problem

Thanks for the report. I think we can fix that in Kodi.

Awesome. Thanks for the great work

We have pushed a new kernel with some improvements:

  • Add support for Docker
  • Improved iptables and firewalling support
  • Fix WiFi issues with some 5Ghz channels being unusable due to CRDA regulatory database issues (experimental)
  • Add F2FS support as requested by user
  • Improved tone mapping
  • Improved video firmware loading logic when using secureOSMC
  • Fix an issue where seeking when playing HEVC content could result in a green screen
  • Fix an issue where HDMI EDID parsing may not work as expected
  • Remove log spam when the system is booting
  • Fix an issue where WiFi would not always connect after boot

We are interested in knowing what works in 3.14 but remains broken in 4.9. This will be where we focus our efforts.

There’s more that we want to do with 4.9 and we will keep improving it, but for now, the aim is for feature parity so that we can get this out with Kodi v19 (Matrix).




I guess no solution yet for the AAC hickups every 25sec?

Give it a go and let us know.


Yeah could have guessed that was the answer …

Regular user here: I’m sure that your problem will get it’s turn @Theetjuh, and you can see they’re trying actively to fix other problems for now. They probably won’t make a stable release until they solve every problem being reported here. Don’t mind them and stay persistent, it’s nice that you’re trying to help by reporting.


Not trying to be funny, but this release contains patches from AML which may affect the issue you reported. I’m just not aware anyone has gone through them all looking for code which affects AAC. So if you do have the time to test …

This update bricked my vero. I get an alternating sad face and black screen. I can ssh into the vero. What should I do?

A start job is running for openBSD is a message I see as well

I would suggest

grab-logs -A