[TESTING] Transmission app

When I try to install from the app store I get a msg after some time that says the update/packages are installed.
So wouldn’t it be better to change that to a msg that says install failed because of a missing app package or just to remove transmission from the app store until this is resolved?


Still not working for me (sorry if I’m stating the obvious!) :slight_smile:

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screenshots would be nice not that i need transmission on my osmc installation :smile: still curious how it looks

Presumably it’s just the daemon and its web interface, so it’ll look like every other version of Transmission. Unless the addon provides a UI for transmission that can be used from within Kodi/OSMC?

Yes. No custom UI will be included

Still there are ways to modify transmission web with custom html templates etc or it could hookup to the api and have the rest in OSMC there are alot of ways to go about instead of the basic straight forward thing

always nice you have your apps looking the same in the UI so many other distributions fails on that

Can we help with logs or something?

Help what? The app store installation is not functional as advised above.

Is it possible to sue this as a remote for a transmission server?
Im using a NAS to store all my media and I have a transmission daemon with web-ui running there. If I could control that from OSMC that would be great :smiley:

Just download the Transmission add-on from Kodi repo.

Added the repo but getting error trying to install (Yes, it’s danish language) respond is E: couldn’t localize package armv7-transmission-app-osmc

osmc@osmc:~$ sudo apt-get install armv7-transmission-app-osmc

Indlæser pakkelisterne… Færdig
Opbygger afhængighedstræ
Læser tilstandsoplysninger… Færdig
E: Kunne ikke lokalisere pakken armv7-transmission-app-osmc

What do I miss?

You missed reading through the thread to see that the App Store version of transmission is not working at the moment. We will advise people when it is up again.

Thank you for a very fast reply - And sorry for my mistake NOT regarding reading the whole tread!

Hi, i’m so exciting to finish the installation of my media center. OSMC is the best OS for that and transmission will be the last tweak I need. Could you please explain us what is the problem and approximatively when it will be available. Thx.

I believe I have fixed the issues around Transmission.

It should be available to try in the App Store now


i tried to install from App Store, Same issue, it doesn’t install transmisson.
Should there be a new version in the App store?
it Shows 2.8.4 Last update 2015-05-11

Sorry for my Bad english

2.8.4 is still the latest version. The minor was bumped, not the major.

Can you please upload the log?