[TESTING] TVHeadend 4.2.4


Wait until Stretch is announced, then change it back to Stretch. For now stay on Jessie or you may receive some updates that don’t quite function yet.



ok, thx for the fast answer.


Hello! How I can setup internet radio without ffmpeg installing? MP4 TV streams working fine, but MP3/AAC radio streams not working


MP3/AAC should also work. Suggest you provide debug enabled logs to find the error

2017-12-30 19:32:39.404 mpegts: Radio - Radio Nintendo in Радио - tuning on IPTV
2017-12-30 19:32:39.762 subscription: 00FE: "scan" subscribing to mux "Radio - Radio Nintendo", weight: 6, adapter: "IPTV", network: "Радио", service: "Raw PID Subscription"
2017-12-30 19:32:54.677 mpegts: Radio - Radio Nintendo in Радио - scan no data, failed
2017-12-30 19:32:54.677 subscription: 00FE: "scan" unsubscribing

Radio Nintendo