[TESTING] Vero V: IPT colour space conversion

From the screenshots you sent me it seems that an ATV in DV mode is outputting standard DV which may well be IPT since it shows as purple on a non-DV screen. If it was LLDV it would have the right colours Those implementing the HDFury EDID trick to show LLDV on non-DV screens can attest to that.

Yes - I think my ATV 4K is outputting STD DV not LLDV in this scenario - not something I was aware it did! (For some reason I thought the ATV 4K was LLDV only)

We’ve been working on some improvements.

  • @thechrisgregory - you should find that the video stream that didn’t play at all should now play as expected.
  • Brightness should now be improved.

You can get these improvements by running the exact same commands as before.
Those instructions are here: [TESTING] Vero V: IPT colour space conversion - #39 by sam_nazarko

Looking forward to your feedback



FWIW my Philips TV is now reporting master display luminances and (default P3) primaries. AIUI profile 5 doesn’t include primaries, MaxCLL or MaxFALL as static metadata.

Just checking …

You need a space before the -O kernel.deb. I’ve corrected the instructions.

Yep, found that, thanks Graham …

Yes, so the regression I saw on one of the video streams (Specifically item 16 in the list of 4K(UltraHD) Formats. - Dolby Vision 10-bit HEVC 23.976fps (filename - ‘LG Demo DolbyVision Trailer.mkv’)) has gone, and this displays as expected.

Profile 5 content looks OK for me, I think the brightness is OK, (I couldn’t really tell the diffference).

Still seeing the over emphasised artefacts on the ‘Blocks’ & ‘Art of Essence’ demo/test streams - is that maybe a deliberate marketing ploy ?

Otherwise looks good to go, at least from the small set of test files I have used.

Thanks for the feedback.

Has something changed with the update from a few days back? Now my DV titles are purple and green again :confused:

Did you make sure to update from the repo as well as downloading the kernel.deb?

I was just on the mainline one. Hadn’t installed the test builds but all had seemed fine.

Need the test one then?

You don’t need to be on the staging repo. Just follow all the instructions in Sam’s post above.

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Spotted some strange behaviour when playing back the DV ‘mystery box’ profile 5 test file (and others) when selecting/deselecting some of the OSMC skin menus. I recorded a short video on my mobile (sorry about the poor quality/focus LOL!) to show the behaviour (may be it is expected ?)

The video is breaking up quite badly when switching the OSMC overlayed menus.

I also evidenced some ‘pink flashing’ overlayed on top of the menus (profile 5)

Not expected but also detected by us. So far no findings what is causing it.

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is this just for DV profile 5 or might there also be improvements for HDR10 to SDR?

Sorted now. There is quite a marked difference between hdr10. The colours on the Netflix splash are much more muted and don’t really pop at all

There are no changes to HDR-SDR tonemapping in this update.

Are you playing this from disk or streaming? Streaming isn’t supported. If from disk, could you upload this sequence somewhere for us?

I would say the contrast is slightly lifted from before and looks much closer to the DV5 content from Netflix. I have no issues when playing a file and moving around the menus. Will look at other files I have later but this update is an improvement.

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