[Testing] X11(simple desktop) + Chromium(web browser) in a simple installer for Stretch

sounds like an overscan problem, do you see the bottom bar at all?

Well to help you for the moment try this key combination “CTRL+ESC”, that should bring up the menu, arrow up and enter should bring up a logout question in the middle of the screen

CTRL + ESC works ,however no bottom bar at all. Is there a workaround for this overscan problem?

Try other aspect ratios in your TV’s settings.

Thank you very much

Awesome work @joakim_s.

Krypton now boots to desktop in under 10 secs :slight_smile:

Keep up great work

controlling the X11 desktop using smartphone, instead of keyboard and mouse
So this is what I succeeded in doing:
I downloaded the portable archive of UnifiedRemote from here:

(Perhaps it would have been possible to download a different release, I was not able to install the raspberry pi deb file from there, so I opted for the portable version instead).
Then -
tar -xvzf urserver-

Of course, installed the UnifiedRemote android app. There’s other client apps, that’s what I’ve been using.

Then, cd to the folder where the UnifiedRemote was extracted and run it…

And that’s it, the server is running and the mobile device can control mouse and keyboard movements and presses on the desktop. Works great!

The only issue I’ve been having, perhaps someone can assist, I was unable to include the urserver in the boot sequence, to load automatically whenever the desktop is loaded, and to stop when it is logged out of. Any suggestions?

So you want it only running while xwindows is running? Not from boot?

then this is my suggestion

sudo apt-get install screen

nano /home/osmc/x11-start/x_init.sh

here is how it should look to get it running aslong as x11 is running.

sleep 2
sudo fbi -T 7 -d /dev/fb0 --noverbose /home/osmc/.kodi/addons//plugin.program.x11-launcher/fanart.jpg &
screen -dmS Urserver /home/osmc/urserver-
sleep 3
sudo su osmc -c "startx"
sudo openvt -c 7 -s -f clear
screen -S Urserver -p 0 -X stuff "exit$(printf \\r)"
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

observe line 4 and 8 is new

Great solution just had to buy the app and installl on my pi’s

Thanks! Worked great!
That’s exactly what I wanted. We could have included the service for the entire OSMC boot, but for Kodi I prefer to use Kore, which is a great app and more functional, and I prefer to use UnifiedRemote just for the keyboard and mouse emulation on the desktop. So thanks!

I have a question I installed VNCServer using this link

[[HowTo] Install a vnc server on the Raspberry pi]
([HowTo] Install a vnc server on the Raspberry pi)

Works great so would I need to install another window manager or can I use the one installed to support VCNServer?
or am I wrong and he VNC_server isn’t using xwindows at all?

Second question
If VNCServer uses a Xwindow manager and you can use the xwindow items that support it is it possible to switch between Kodi and chromium using virtual windows or something similar to alt-tab?

in order to get the vnc-server to work with your xxwindows installation remove medicenter service as required in the service file, then vncserver wont close when kodi does:

Description=VNC Server

Second question, as I see it there is no way of alt-tabing between kodi and Xwindows right now. I tried running Kodi from within X but Kodi wont let me alt-tab out of it.

Hi All,

sorry if I am going out of topic, but recently was been released a very minimalist browser which works through electron:


I have no idea if the PI’s or Vero can handle such kind of application but its minimal approach fits well for a mediacenter.

What happens if you press \?

not a thing :frowning:

Pi doesn’t support Direct Rendering Management (currently), so you can’t run Kodi as a full screen X11 app.

I have disabled \.

That explains why =), good thing too, if you got a media-centered OS I think you shouldn’t run the mediaplayer in X anyway.

It depends on the platform.

i want to install difrent apps like firefox on x11 is it possible and how can i do ??

This is how to install firefox:

sudo apt-get install firefox-esr

It’s possible to install most X applications that’s in Debian jessie repository. Keep in mind, the limitations of Pi2/Pi3 like memory.

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u r the best coder on this forum may be u can help me…
my osmc on
is still installed.

i want to open jlnp files over x11 i cant do that on search in internet i found some documents but i cant doit
iceviesel and icedtea plugin on raspiban

can i use it on your script to open JLNP file

Lol, I’m not a coder at all, just a script mechanic. About JNLP files, after googleing some, I dont think it’s gonna be an easy task, if even possible. Found this when searching:

No webstart or plugin available for the ARM

This is beyond my knowledge, so I don’t think I can help you, sorry.