[Testing] X11(simple desktop) + Chromium(web browser) in a simple installer for Stretch

If you use osmc remote and If you click home button and this not launching virtual keyboard
open lxterm
and install any text edytor ex.gedit
open /home/osmc/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml
And search <!-- Keybinding for i CONTROL Xvkbd
and under
in this passege

keybind key=“Home”

change “Home” to “Escape”

beceuse Home button is probaly not defined
Because osmc remote is like a keyboard
and home button clicking Escape
Escape is defined as keyboard button
and osmc remote if you click home button sends
to your raspberry or vero Escape

i make osmc remote script
for the best Impressions

Now i’m thinking how to change buttons actions in remote
because openbox shortcuts don’t delate first action

sorry for bad english

I have only pi 3 b+
you can download it here:

But it’s have testing status
later i remove this status for rpi 3 b+
note:First release have Work In Progress status

Thank you for the feedback, PRs are appreciated :+1:

I maked the auto remote detect script
To install enter to terminal

Cd /home/osmc

Wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rebokdev/owbef/patches/vmkd/installer.sh

Chmod +x installer.sh

Sudo ./installer.sh

If you found bug please make issiue on github:

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KDE Plasma has a DE version specifically for TVs, I think It could be nice to use that as a desktop for OSMC

I will put this on the “check out for v.2.0”, no promises. Seems “semi easy to use the neon version for a conversion to OSMC-pi4”. But I can’t do a a OSMC desktop for just one HW platform, there are some good news like it’s wayland based and that makes it a bit easier for vero4k driver wise. But still have to have a deep dive into it and no time for it right now.

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Thanks, I’m happy you’re interested :slight_smile:

Seems to be issues with X-windows and Bullseye upgrade, if you got issues. I’ve got an attempt to uninstaller.sh, in addons the github-tree. Try that, I dont have it installed on any machine I’m able to update at present.

Got two ideas to check against:

  • graphics driver is compiled against older libs(Vero 4k and +)?
  • due to distribution upgrade, the dependency of graphical login service is actuated again, but the service is disabled?

Has anyone tried streaming from Medici.tv on Vero 2?

If you are considering playing any video in this Xwindows solution, I recommend you drop that idea. There is no video acceleration in any OSMC hardware platform right now.

Ok, thank you. Maybe that’s off-topic, but is there any way I can stream from a web page on vero 2 with osmc/kodi?

got this working well on my vero4k. 3 quick questions :

  1. Is there a way of having a guest account that can auto login?
  2. is there a way of rotating the display 180’? I’ve got a portable lcd screen that I want to have running showing my server diagnostics but the connections on the screen are on the other side that makes mounting awkward.
  3. Is there a way of auto starting chromium to load up a webpage on login?

Basically I have my unraid server running and I want promethius (or some such) running showing everything I need to keep an eye on it.


  1. If you look at “/home/osmc/x11-start/x_init.sh”, at line 8 you chose which user that is going to “own” the X-server session.

  2. There should be, at the moment I’m a bit unsure which route to do it, will get back to you. Been months since I had this project up and running =)

  3. Edit “/home/osmc/.config/lxsession/LXDE/autostart”, enter a new line at the bottom. Something like this (remember this is from memory): @chromiumhttp://unraid-ip:port”

Hope that helps, I will have to check how I would solve it, might be as simple as installing xrander, but I’ll have to check it out.