[Testing] X11(simple desktop) + Chromium(web browser) in a simple installer for Stretch


20hrs :open_mouth: appreciate the effort.

Keep us posted on your progress.




Thanks for the first time for the information
I’m going to try it, but I’m still inexperienced in the field and still need time

Greetings from Thuringia


Hi @joakim_s how are you

Did you make any progress in making OSMC version of chromium?

Is there a way to download the raspbian version of chromium as it supports hardware accelaration.

I found this download folder but latest chromium 58 deb file is very small only 3.1mb so its not the full install file


Thanks for any info


@the_bo Sorry I’m given up for now, you need to be more experienced then me to be successful… I will revisit later, but for now I’ve other projects


No problem jaokim :slight_smile:

Thanks for work you’ve done so far


I’m not good with English, I’m using google translator.
I work fine, without any problem, the only thing I wanted to check if it is possible to install the Pixel desktop instead of LXDE?
Thank you


Changing from LXDE to some other window manager is possible, but I don’t know if Pixel is released outside of Raspbian. There is only one way to find out, backup your sd-card and try it


Thanks, I’m going to do some testing.


Hi arielf

Let us know how you get on installing pixel desktop.



Hello, it works perfect, I just want to know how I can change the screen resolution in the lxde, since it should be 1366x768 and I do not know how to do it.
In kodi, if I work perfect.
Only the screen resolution on the desktop is wrong.


chamge the values to yours


Hi arielf

That’s great you got it working :slight_smile:

Can you test if chromium has hardware acceleration in pixel desktop.

Could you provide tutorial of how you installed pixel desktop. How much space is needed for install.

@joakim_s would I need to unistall lxde desktop first if I wanted to try pixel desktop or can you have both?



@the_bo both should be fine, since it calls the the desktop of your choice when X starts, anything else lays dormant on the SDcard. You could purge LXDE from the install, but it’s small and does no damage laying around, in case you want to change back some day. I doubt you get the applications of pixeld esktop, just the window manager.

@arielf A step by step guide for installing pixel would be good.


Hello, sorry … I could not install the pixel desktop, confucion has been created with the post. I’m just trying to configure lxde to my liking.
I can not install pixel.
Thank you


And to leave the desk and chromiun in Spanish … can you?


Ok, was just a simple missunderstanding. No worries


I just installed and ran the installer (twice actually) and I can’t seem to find how to actually access the browser or the desktop…
Nothing shows under programs or adonns…
Pressing exit under power doesn’t do anything other than the regular terminal.
Thanks and sorry for the delayed response!


As many other addons in Kodi v.17, you need to enable the addon. Then you should have a new “Icon” under programs.


This is basically my first addon so sorry for being dumb!


Hi. First of all, sorry for my English. I already installed on my raspberry pi 3 with osmc 17.3 stable, recently updated. But I do not know how to enable the chromium launcher. Can you help me? Thank you very much, I have been waiting for something like this for a long time.