Tether OpenVPN via conman

My OSMC Pi3 is connected to my router via ethernet.

I am trying to tether a Portable Hotspot Ethernet to Wifi so that I can connect to this hotspot with my iPhone and using OpenVPN effectively be in the same virtual location as my Pi3.

I can connect to the hotspot, but with OpenVPN enabled I have no internet on my iPhone (though I do on the pi3 itself).

I have set up connman-vpn using this config

Name = BTGuard
Description = VPN for BTGuard

Type = OpenVPN
Name = BTGuard
Host = vpn.btguard.com
Domain = btguard.com
OpenVPN.CACert = /home/osmc/vpn-conf/btguard.ca.crt
OpenVPN.Proto = UDP
OpenVPN.Port = 1194
OpenVPN.AuthUserPass = /home/osmc/vpn-conf/login.txt

If I run connmanctl vpnconnections I can see the vpn connection
BTGuard vpn_btguard_com_btguard_com

With OpenVpn stopped the iPhone connected to hotspot can surf the internet, with it started nada.

Guessing it has something to do with iptables but not sure where to start

Found the answer right here:


Works a treat