Tethering / Bridge / Repeater

Hello together. First sorry for my bad english.

I have some question about tethering with osmc.
My plan ist to make a bridge/repeater with osmc and raspberry pi 3.
My network ist on and my dns server is on a fritz.box.
The RPi3 becomes the ip address this works well.
Also the mac address is tight in the fritzbox for the pi.
Now I switched on my wirless without connect and tethering.
eth0 becomes the, tether the So when i connect with
my mobile phone I can not go to internet. Is there a other way ?

Problems is osmc use connman. Can i switch off connman to use the network manager to build a bridge. And can some one tell me how I can do this ?



You can disable ConnMan but we can’t really support this.

You actually just need to enable DNS proxying in /etc/connman.prefs for the Internet to work

Thanks. Thats working. But now I become a other ip address. That’s the reason I like to have a bridge not tethering.

Is there a way to make it with connman?