Tethering ethernet to wifi

First of all, OSMC being able to tether internet to wifi is a godsend for my particular hardware configuration. It’s all working well except it only seems to pass on internet, not my LAN.

So here’s the question : is that even possible? Or is that beyond the scope of what tethering actually is. If it is, how can I fix it. Or if it’s too niche a problem for this forum, what are the software / configuration files underlying OSMC’s tethering called and I will probably manage to work it out myself.

I think you need to explain more in detail your setup. Are you referring to LAN on the ethernet or the wifi?
You wrote tether internet to wifi but tethering doesn’t know about Internet it just know about networks.

Thanks. Sorry I meant ethernet to wifi. The problem is that I have essentially TWO networks. One is a 5ghz wifi / wired to which the raspberry pi is connected, I’ll call that the main network. And the other is the devices connecting to the raspberry pi through wifi at (i assume) 2.4ghz (a printer, one phone and two tablets) , getting their internet from the tethering, but who cannot see devices in the main network. It would be nice if they could also have access to the main network (so my old tablets can see the living room tv). I see no reason why it couldn’t work. The reason for this exotic setup is that my modem does not support concurrent dual band wifi so I have to pick 2.4 OR 5ghzand I have some devices that need 2.4ghz. Of course all this could be fixed with a proper router which is no doubt the simplest and most elegant solution. Just trying to save 100 quid here.

AFAIK while being tethered the devices that are connected to the Raspberry will be natted to the IP of the Raspberry. So if the Raspberry can access your LAN the devices should also be able to do so. What is not possible is that your LAN devices would connect to the devices attached to the Raspberry Wifi.