Hello everyone, I can not point to operate with OSMC access. I have a chispet rtl8192cu on my wireless card. There is there a change to do it by hand?
Thank you

you should be able to change network settings through my Osmc in Kodi.

Do it show a wireless network there?


The card is recognized, but when I do share its connection bug:
Error enabling Tethering net.connman.Error.NotSupported: Not supported

Tethering is not supported on the rtl8192cu driver in OSMC at this time.

Thank you, another question, what is the file OSMC interfaces on the command line?

Sorry, I don’t understand your question ?

/etc/network/interfaces is empty

OSMC doesn’t use /etc/network/interfaces, because we don’t use network manager. We use connman.

If you want to configure network settings from the command line, use the command line tool ‘connmanctl’.

Thank you for the answer, I’ll find a solution for my problem.