TFT screen - OSMC failure

I got the latest OSMC running on Pi 3.
I recieved my TFT 3.5inch SPI screen (KeDei v5)
I downloaded the ‘driver’ from the manufactor’s website:
And followed this from raspberry pi forums:

Unpack it:
tar zxf LCD_show_v5.tar.gz

, go to dir LCD_show_v5, first run:
sudo ./LCD_backup

Then run:
sudo ./LCD35_v5

Pi reboot, and LCD should work.

After executing sudo ./LCD35_v5 the Pi rebooted by itself and stopped feeding the HDMI althrough it did wake up from sleep mode.
Then the TFT screen came to life:
But that’s all, it stays at this position.
I also couldn’t log to the pi from SSH anymore, did I brick the OS?
Is there anything I can do to fix it?
And incase I have to re-flash the image, is it possible to atleast get my Kodi setup/addons/etc from the current OS?

I think you’ve overwritten the kernel, and probably more as well.
You might be able to get the .kodi folder with the help of a linux system to read the SD card (not Windows)

Is it possible to do it using virtual box with linux? I don’t have a linux machine.

Should be.

I use a Linux Virtualbox all the time, you can also use a live usb, see

Yes you will have overwritten the kernel and some libraries. Im using the v4 screen on a pi2 as a wireless print server.

On v4 there is another script. /LCD_hdmi
That puts everything back to normal. Hopefully you have a similar script provided with v5, and you ran the LCD_backup script that saved your original kernel and libraries.

The v4 script is quite simple, you could plug the sd card into any linux box and just use the script as a list of which files to replace.

On v4 its copying files from the ./hdmi/ folder to /boot
but you will need to adjust the paths to suit where your sdcard is located so you write to /boot on the sd card and not /boot on the linux box :slight_smile:

Thank you for responding, its quite suprising it worked for you on psmc, i thought thats why it failed.
I did run the backup script but wjat do i do now? My pi isnt responsive.

I am not running the screen on osmc, I m using it on a different pi running ubuntu mate. The screen won’t be able to play video as the refresh rate is really slow, I use it as a touch screen input for my printer.

You could use another machine that can read the pi sd card, or virtualbox running Linux, that would be easiest. Use the LCD_hdmi script as a guide to replace the kernel on the old card.

Alternatively if you have a usb card reader and a spare card you could use the pi. Do a fresh install on a new card, and use the usb card reader with the pi to copy the /home/osmc folder from the old card to the new one.

I already did reinstalled the osmc, everything works fine.
I dont want to use the tft screen to see movies obviously, I want to use it as an interface with the touch

Don’t think you can with this screen, you can’t have lcd and hdmi at the same time.