Thank you for OSMC and the Vero 4k

I just wanted to say thank you to Sam and the crew and this Community.

I’ve been using xbmc / kodi for a long time on homebuilt HTPC’s and Pi’s. As I’ve got older I have less time to configure and just want things to work. Raspbmc / OSMC and now the Vero 4k have pretty much just worked (with a little help from the Community on this forum).

I wish I’d bought the Vero 4k sooner (as I’ve spent much of the last month pulling my hair out with dropped frames using a graphics card that costs more than the 4K). And whenever I’ve needed to tweak something the solution has already been on discourse.

If only all the tech I bought worked so well out of the box and had 1st class support.

So thank you all for making an old man’s life a little easier.



Thanks for the comments. It’s great to read posts like yours.

As always, if you have any questions or need any help, just let us know.


I second all you (MessyNick) said here. If only all the tech out there worked as well …

Thanks again Sam @ Team, for what you do!