Thank you for the update

Well, before the update yesterday evening I had a well working system with

  • audio switching working most of the times
  • working bluetooth streaming to my headset
  • a nice adjusted template (Confluence)
  • efficient overview over watched/unwached movies and tv shows
  • very efficient list of recently added tv shows and movies
  • a working TV Headend server/client on the same Raspi 3
  • very fast switching between TV channels (less than half a second)

after the update I got

  • audio switching (languages) did not work most of the times - it just mutes the sound
  • a new crappy template, ugly and unusable (now the OSMC standard … yikes)
  • no list of watched/unwatched status anymore - instead crappy thumbs
  • no list of recently added shows anymore - instead crappy thumbs
  • TV Headend client was not installed anymore - had to install again.
  • switching between TV channels now takes up to 2 seconds
  • Bluetooth audio streaming did not work anymore. Instead no audio at all, even after reboot

I re-installed Confluence again, but “My OSMC” was missing in the menue structure. Also the “view recently added episodes (or movies)” was gone. I am done with this bullshit - bye bye OSMC.

And yes - I did sign up to just write this. Normally I don’t do that but I was really pissed and angry. You should really warn users with a big flashy message before you turn a working system into a pile of garbage.

Almost everything you list in your post relates to Kodi and not to OSMC.

Some of them are new features intrduced by Kodi, others are expected behaviour after suchna major update and were explicitly mentioned and forewarned in the blog post that announced the update.

I suggest that if you don’t like the changes to Kodi then maybe you would be better served by taking up your issues with the Kodi team at their forum as they are the ones that can best address your issues.


I don’t think you have read the release notes.

Unchanged by this update. Post a log if you have a problem, otherwise we can’t help.

Confluence is still available. However, as you noted, My OSMC menu option is not under System. This is because we can no longer patch it as we don’t ship it. You can still access My OSMC via Programs menu though.

That’s not possible. We bundle all PVR add-ons with Kodi, rather than distributing them from a repository. However as explained in the blog post, you will need to re-enable the add-ons you use. They are disabled during the migration to ensure incompatible add-ons don’t break the system.

Change your skin

Disable adjust refresh rate.

Your post is not very productive. If you want things solved then you should work with us.

You received a message informing you that you were upgrading to a major version of Kodi and to read the announcement on our blog before updating.


I think it should have been made quite a bit more serious. Massive red letters on the screen… this just looked (as far as I can remember) like any other update dialog we’ve seen before (like the point updates if you wanna call em that).

This was so massively different!!

I had the sad face after update as well.
Followed your guidance to move .kodi data.
I shuddered at the thought of that because my install was well ‘lived-in’ but what options did I have?

I’ve always liked osmc, a great option for the pi and I’m greatful for the developers work but for us to.have to move (effectively delete) the userdata is heavy.

You are going to argue that I should have looked at the update message carefully but at the end of a long day at work you just do what you normally do.

–We don’t all read the blog post about the forewarning, I would say a lot of ppl just use the system, and that’s it.

Gutted to have lost all my brilliant userdata, favourites, sources, goodness knows what else. :frowning:
Sad face indeed.

Now you’ve got it to boot, then so long as you just moved your .kodi folder rather than deleting it you can restore your setting etc piece by piece until you find the one that is no longer compatible.

If you moved the .kodi folder, then all your data is still there! A large part of it could likely be returned to the new .kodi directory and voila. Most users with sad face reported that simply deleting ~/.kodi/userdata/Database/addons27.db resulted in a perfectly usable system with all their info intact!

No need to move your Kodi folder away. You can move it back to get all of your settings, favourites etc back.

The update screen for Kodi Krypton was different. Not big red letters but it said a new major version was available, and it said read The only exception is if you check for updates manually.

How can you update something without wondering about the changes?

We can only provide so many warnings in so many places. We spend a lot of time working on the updates – but if you cannot be bothered to read any warnings or change logs you should probably turn off auto updates.

Almost all upgrade issues are actually expected behaviour and the user hasn’t read the primer, or issues with incompatible addons. We have prepared resources for our users to enjoy a smooth transition and people have assisted users who ran in to trouble.


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