Thanks for making this project real and alive!

I just want to thank @sam_nazarko and basically everyone involved in OSMC project.

I’ve been using OSMC for about 6 months on my RPi2 (moved from XBian after 3 years) and last Sunday evening i just decided to go for Vero so placed an order. Two days later my microSD card died in my RPi (lol), or maybe whole PI - did not had time to check.

Today my Vero4K+ arrived (Delivered to my doors (CZE) in 4 days!) and i could not be happier. The power of that little guy/girl(?) is just waaaaaaay above the RPi. I somehow got used to the occasional UI lags on RPi and i no way i could leave FHD movie running on background and do something else (Filtering my movie DB would freeze everything for several seconds). Now i need to un-learn this because Vero can do such things without hassle.

So thanks again and keep up good work!




Welcome to the forums.

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