Thanks for the hard work

Just wanted to drop a quick note in the forums to say thanks to the folks putting the time and effort into OSMC. I just moved my install of raspbmc on a original RPi Model B to a RPi2 Model B running OSMC. The install and migration was effortless, the user experience was phenomenal and 1080p video that use to stutter when panning across wide, complex vistas was gone and ran smoother than butter dripping off a hot biscuit.
I even went and got the heaviest skin I could find to try to bring it to its knees and it just shrugged it off…
I’ve been a software engineer for over 20 years and have been incredibly frustrated by the quality and user experience of current products that I have been using. Just wanted to encourage everyone involved to keep up the great work, OSMC is top notch, and I’ll be dropping a donation in the box as soon as I post this thanks…


Wanting to add my thanks
At the risk of jinxing myself…
Starting with the June build my rPi/OSMC setup is working just fine. No more sound cutting out before a freeze. No more icons disappearing. My last working build was August '15 and I checked out the updates every few months and finally a good working build.
Updates work fine. The backup feature also works well.

Thanks to the Sam and the other developers for all your hard work. Thanks also to those on the forums who answer questions and try to help out. I’ll be making a donation shortly.

My setup
rPi B+
connected to A/V receiver, no USB hub, controlled with a Harmony Smart Control remote
media streamed using SMB and NFS from WD My Cloud
addons: YouTube, Metropolis skin, Trakt, Next Aired
ssh and FTP also work


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