Thanks OSMC for Vero 4k+

Thanks for the Vero 4k+, what a great device! Having been through Raspberry Pis (and various other HCPCs) and a long time Intel NUC all using librelec for my 1080p projector the Vero 4k+ has turned into an impressive and reliable device. The Intel NUC gave flawless performance (stutter free and perfect sync) for many years but I needed to upgrade and the Vero 4k+ fit the bill. The Raspberry Pis have all had occassional micro-stutter issues that could never be fixed even after working (over a number of years) with the RPi engineers.

The Vero plays perfectly, no stutter and good audio sync. 4k, 24p, 1080i50, high res audio, all just work great. The image and colour is slightly better than the Intel NUC. It’s also has fast navigation. I don’t have to waste time fixing it, it just simply works! (like Apple products used to!)

Support is great, fast and helpful, which makes this device standout from the other devices out there.

I’m waiting for 3D MVC support, yes I still watch 3D movies etc, and the Vero 4k+ is one of the few dedicated devices that will support it in future - I know the beta isn’t quite there yet.


Can only agree!
And add that it is a FAR better music player for high-res files as well compared to RPi. I use OSMC to play files on my NAS and connect to my DAC over USB.