The best way to rename a file?

WNBC died and the developer is asking me to do this:
I have to go in and change “rename cookies.dat. You can rename it back to cookies.dat after you test”

For WNBC addon not working correctly.

I can do my standard SSH as following directions for changing Mpeg2 but that is as much as I know :frowning:
I am a Windows 7 user
But that’s all I know… complete noob in this area Reading you can use FTP , SFTP and WinSCP
Here’s what I have installed on my P.C.

  1. Putty
  2. CORE FTP Pro
    is there a user name and password ?
    Hoping if someone kind enough could walk me threw it :slight_smile:


Here is what happened…
Rickt1962 Wrote:
Alright Got WinSCP interesting program ! Stumbling around OSMC did a search for cookies.dat found in ./OSMC/.kodi/temp/ which the .kodi is a hidden folder. went in and changed cookiestemp.dat rebooted Kodi tried WNBC … Same problem Sad logged back in to check found cookies.dat along side of cookiestemp.dat

learningit Wrote
No idea what’s wrong, but it’s definitely platform related.

So the developer gave up :frowning:
Any one here want to take a stab on another file that can be deleted ? WNBC works on a fresh install then the next day it will not stream. So something is being downloaded so the addon can no longer work :frowning:

Added info I am in Pennsylvania using comcast