The March update no hdr and network slow

Hi after the March update all the uhd hdr stream movies from qnap nas are shuttering and no hdr with my optoma projector. What’s going on? Instead to fix things with every update get worse. With January was everything ok. With February I had banding and with March no hdr and network slow.

Same issue with me. I no longer get the HDR confirmation on my TV and files that played fine pre March update now stutter like crazy.

Posts and more posts… mates, last update broken something on the kernel/modules, Sam is aware of that. We are all suffering the same (no HW acceleration on any media, causing high cpu usage and unwatchable videos due to high stuttering). It affects too to the IR receiver and more modules.

Just be patient, we are waiting to a new kernel update to solve this.

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To be fair, I didn’t see the pinned post until after as I searched the forum and then found this thread.

Let’s hope the update is released soon.

Since i updated OSMC yesterday i have the same problem with my 4K movies from my OMV Server.
All movies are stuttering and do not buffer correctly.

I’ve now made this update available, so this should be resolved now.