The new OSMC Remote


What device do you want to run this on? A FireTV? It should work, but a couple of buttons might need remapping. I think @actiona has a Fire TV stick and may be able to test the OSMC remote with it.


Yes, with the FireTV, although I’m finding that no matter what remote I try, FTV & Kodi functions seem to be “mutually exclusive”. My goal was to have one box that can handle Netflix,Amazon Prime & Kodi, and so far the FTV is closeset. I have tried remapping scripts for the FTV remote, but they still don’t do everything. I’m resigned to having to use 2 remotes, & really like the look of the OSMC one, so wanted to check if it could be used in this setup.

I would expect all buttons to work out of the box except for the Context Menu and the Info button.

@dbmandrake has a Fire TV Stick. I’ll ask him.

Cool, much appreciated Sam.

I don’t think the stick has usb ports, the box does.

What buttons do you miss when using the FireTV remote in Kodi? I honestly have no use for others.

@DBMandrake says the stick has no USB ports, so our remote is a no go unfortunately.


Below is an Amazon FireTV. This second generation (primarily denoted by 4k support) is commonly referred to as AFTV2. OP does not have a stick (by my reading) and does in fact have a USB port.

I have the AFTV2. The remote doesn’t have a stop button, something that is really needed in Kodi.
There’s a FTV addon for Kodi which allows remaps of the keys, and can set the Back button for Stop, but only for full screen video, not for music. My MCE remote works in Koodi 100% , was just thinking on getting an OSMC remote due to it’s better form factor (I don’t need all the extra buttons on the MCE), plus to give support to OSMC.

My expectation is that the remote will work fine, with the exception of the context menu and info button on an Android device.

We can likely help you edit the keymap to fix those two buttons. Stop will certainly work out of the box.

Thanks – this is very much appreciated :slight_smile:


Go ahead and grab one if you want to. I just connected my OSMC remote to my AFTV1 running and it works great. Stop button stops playing music just as one would expect. Just make sure USB debugging is turned off in FireTV developer settings.

Yep, ordered on Friday from Adafruit, it showed up today - dang fast service. I didn’t turn anything off, just plugged it in and away I went. Working great controlling both Kodi & AFTV2. The Home button doesn’t work in FTV, but no biggie.
What difference would turning off debugging offer? Thanks again for this great remote!


I think usb debugging can sometimes interfere with attached devices. If it doesn’t, no problem.

With the some debugging we can probably get the Home button doing something useful, but it may be better to start a new thread for that


Well, it wouldn’t work at all if USB debugging was on. Don’t ask me how I know :wink:

HAH! Yes, I checked mine yesterday & USB debug was already off. So the AFTV2 + OSMC remote = bliss.

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I’ve recently bought an OSMC remote to use as a general remote (not with OSMC). It’s a great remote, nice build quality and I like the tactile clicks.

It mostly works with non-OSMC apps, but I can’t detect any codes for four buttons: info, context menu, rew and ff. The other buttons all work as normal. Is this to be expected - are they proprietary features for OSMC? Or could the remote be faulty?


The remote isn’t likely to be faulty, plugging it in to an OSMC system will confirm this.

What system are you trying to get it on? The receiver is a USB Composite Device

Hi, thanks for getting back to me. You are right of course, the remote is fine. The FF/REW keys are not being detected in Windows. Plugging it into a Raspberry Pi it works as expected.

Forgive my ignorance. I have had a good look around and cannot find the details i need to remap the arrow keys for volume control on my otherwise awesome remote.
Specifically, where to find the file (mentioned above) to be edited?

Thanks in advance

Hi – I think we spoke via eBay.

Suggestions start here: Really basic remote questions - volume up/down? - #14 by ENT