The Next Vero+ (VPN?)

Been using my Vero+ for a few years since I bought one for my parents and never looked back, but I also run Plex for watching stuff remotely.

I was wondering, would it be possible to add the facility to watch videos remotely with the next version of the hardware?

Perhaps adding something like OpenVPN to the system so you could connect into it directly and have the Vero+ transcode it to whatever format/resolution you want remotely. Admittedly it would mean that whoever is at home with the device couldn’t use it at the same time, but for the cost of a second box you could leave one on your network and no longer need a media server powerful enough to transcode you files live.

I obviously know very little about the hardware requirements to do this but I assume that the Vero can already transcode to a point to deliver to different resolution TVs.

Plex exists because the Kodi devs were not interested in going down this route. I’m pretty sure I’ve read it was a literal fork of XBMC in the beginning. If someone wanted to try installing a Plex server on an OSMC box they are free to do so. They could then use a Plex add-on to connect to this if they wanted a unified library between Kodi and Plex clients.

Remote management is something we are looking in to in the future but not necessarily transcoding.

If you just wanted a remote playlist, I’d call a playlist over the internet which you can update as you want.

Use tailscale and connect? Works perfectly for me, don’t bother with transcoding as the Internet is fast enough these days.

You and I must have very different libraries. Out of curiosity, I tried streaming an MPEG2 recording I made OTA from my home in Philly at my parent’s house over Tailscale. I have symmetric Verizon FIOS 1GB at home. My parents have Frontier DSL at about 20mb. No dice there. Tried again at my mother-in-law’s where she has a 300mb Spectrum connection. Still no dice. The buffering was horrible. I didn’t even bother trying an uncompressed 4K movie.

If you have mostly compressed video, then maybe you can make it work. But I don’t store anything compressed.

I just use an emby server and tailscale running as a node or whatever its called on my router to access home network. Was at my brothers at Christmas and he’s only got 125mbs I think, all the 4k worked and that’s through nordvpn. Maybe being throttled somewhere?

Tailscale really shouldn’t slow things down it’s built on wireguard. Maybe you’re box is trying to encode which will never work.

I originally was thinking more along the lines of watching on a phone rather than watching streams from another property, so less likely to have decent fast internet or need 4k resolution.

I use the OpenVPN on my router to log into my CCTV when I’m away and figured that considering the Vero had the hardware on board I thought it might do a similar job for videos.

Regarding Plex being an early fork from XMBC, considering Plex is about 15 years old now being able to do both jobs early on might not have been easy to do, but hardware has moved on so far.

Anyways, it was just an idea.