The optical output

I have bought a new TV (TCL 50C635) that’s based on bloody Android and I’m having a bitch of a time getting it to work.
I have stereo speakers and an amplifier (Yamaha A-S501) which is connected to the Vero with an optical cable. With the old TV this basically worked flawlessly - I’d simply disable the internal speakers and just enjoy the show.
Not so much here.
The problem is that the TV doesn’t have an option to turn the internal speakers off, I can only choose between several useless options, like auto, internal speakers, headphones, something called ARC, and combinations.
If I turn the volume to zero, the muted icon stays on the screen, so that’s a no go.
Thus far I selected the ARC thing that at least results in only the amp-connected speakers playing, but there is a slight desync between audio and video with certain files that wasn’t there with the old TV, so it must be related.
I have no idea if I should try connecting the amp to the TV’s optical output instead of directly to the Vero or what.
I’m sure someone here must have dealt with something similar in past, so hopefully I can get some ideas…

ARC is a way to use one of the television’s HDMI inputs as an audio output; but a quick glance at the specs of your amp suggests that this isn’t supported; if so, this isn’t directly useful.

Worth a shot, certainly.

Kodi does also support adjusting the AV sync; if the offset is fairly consistent for all videos, this might be the easiest thing. If it varies from file to file, then you can adjust it for each file (if you’re using the OSMC remote then long-press the left-arrow key during playback); but if using the TV’s optical out solves the problem then that’s going to be less effort.

I think you can also map “mute HDMI audio output” to one of buttons on your remote as I did in the past. To be honest, it has some bugs. I think it stopped working when you paused video, so I basically stopped using this enhancement (as I could turn speakers on my TV off), but it might help in your particular case.
Maybe there is smoother solution or maybe somebody has fixed the bugs meanwhile.

Topic I am referring to is here:

Based on your TV spec the TV does have an optical output, so you should have optical output as an option under the volume output? If not just pick anything that doesn’t cause tv sound.

Plug you vero in to the amp. Then set the amp to that input, i think “digital” on your amp.

Only downside is that when you switch between TV and vero you have to change the sound options.

For me I have a AVR that has optical inputs. I then just run the cable from TV to AVR. Then when I want to watch TV with tv sound through AVR. I set to AV4. Then when I want to watch vero I switch back to hdmi 2. Much easier than changing audio options.