The OSMC Case

Hi @sam_nazarko

Got a little question is there any chance, i could order just the case since i already own a PiDrive.

I love the case (nice job btw to those involved) just feels redundant to have a extra Pidrive collecting dust :smile:

I don’t think so, not for now, at least.

atleast there are two requests now :slight_smile: so ill let @sam_nazarko respond :slight_smile:

We don’t have separate stock for just the case unfortunately.

I will see if I have a spare one from a sample and send it to you if I do

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awesome tnx :slight_smile: all i can ask for, again lovely job on that one seen many cases but this one is the first to really catch my attention :slight_smile:

I would be interested in buying one too, maybe there is enough demand for a separate run of cases?

Do you have a PiDrive / USB drive?

The case isn’t suitable for SATA based drives.

external usb wd 2.5 inch, would need to take the drive out of it’s case, should then be ok.

@pborman @Toast

We’ve received a lot of requests, so we now sell the OSMC PiDrive case on its own.



Ordered :slight_smile:

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