The osmc dvb-t2 tuner

I am in the US and I am contemplating ordering the dvb-t2 tuner. Unfortunately the forum information is both disparate and out of date mostly.

Is the osmc tuner really plug n play with tvheadend setup?

Does it work for the radio menu option also, or just live tv?


It will work on your Pi without issue. No idea about DVB-T2 signals in the states however. Where are you based?

Radio should also work fine.

Unless you are aware of any DVB-T2 distribution in your area you should not go for this Dongle.
I believe US is still using 99% of all times ATSC.

Ok. I can deal without tv in the truck. But radio will work, you say?

I’m in New Mexico.

For DVB … “radio” usually means a TV signal with no video.
AFAIK the OSMC DVB tuner will not pick up FM, AM, DAB (not applicable in USA) or HD Radio.

Thanks, paulwebster! I’ll keep trying to get my rtl-sdr 2832u working then. Dmesg sees it, but tvheadend does not.