Theme changes

Is it possible to bring back the old style as is displayed on the homepage video specifically the vertical split between the movie poster and the film list?

I thought it looked more professional and gave the distinction between the list and the information about the film.

Hi Josh

Not at this time. We are working on improving the UI for the near future though and I will take your suggestions board.

When I say not at this time, I mean there is no easy way to do it, in theory, you can download the skin from a previous GitHub revision and do it that way, either from GitHub - osmc/osmc: OSMC (Open Source Media Center) is a free and open source media center distribution (mediacenter-skin-osmc under packages/) or GitHub - HitcherUK/skin.osmc: Default skin for OSMC



Hi Sam

Thanks for the info. I might have a look at installing it from the old repo
Look forward to seeing the UI improvements, though the skin is still by far my favorite kodi skin i’ve used :smile:

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