TheMovieDB Movie Scraper - no artwork showing when scraping, just metadata


What the title says: as of this morning there is no artwork showing when scraping a movie with the moviedb scraper, just metadata.

If I go to the webui of kodi (e.g. http://192.168.1.x/#movie/xxx) and choose more/edit, I am able to select poster and backround found online.

On the other hand, metadata concernind title, synopsis, director, cast, even trailer are being scraped OK.

I have only found one more user reporting this today in the kodi moviedb scraper thread (TheMovieDB - Movie scraper).

I am on version 5.2.6 (which icludes version 3.2.14).

Still on 18.9.

I have never encountered this problem before.

Thanks in advance.

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Thank you for your reply.
I am aware of this procedure, but I would like to know if anyone else has encountered this issue, since I suppose that it is not limited to my system and has to do with the api.
I would provide the log file at the earliest convenience.
Thanks again.

Hi @zeronero,
I’m having the exact same issue on my Vero 4K+. The metadata is scraped but not the images. I never had this issue before.

For me the issue started either this morning or yesterday, not 100% sure.

I’m on the move so can’t verify things thoroughly, but I had a quick look and found no errors in the scraper logs.

Check out the thread: other people are joining in, looks like this issue is not isolated.


@MatrixRewriter thank you for your reply.

I also realized it this morning, but since I last run the scraper a few days ago, I did not know for sure if it was something that occurred today or not. It seems that it emerged today, according to the latest posts in TheMovieDB - Movie scraper.

Waiting for your feedback.

I just made an entry here:

Regarding the exact same thing.
Guessing TMDB changed their API or something.

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Are you using Radarr? My radarr was creating 0kb movie posters so had to disable Kodi metadata and then Kodi scraped okay

They acknowledged that it was a bug and a fix is being deployed: Issue with image requests & the include_image_language "null" filter - Talk — The Movie Database (TMDB)

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seeing this on all my 4k+'s today too, i assumed it was because imdb have changed their page layout today too

The plot thickens :slightly_smiling_face:

Is this problem affecting both the themoviedb movie scrapers: the old ( and the new (
Is the solution as simple as using the python one? I am still using the “” on kodi 18.9 (osmc).

I looked through the code for the Python version of the scraper just to refresh my memory (I helped with a little of the API related stuff), and it shouldn’t be affected by this issue. It gets a list of all the images and then does it’s own sorting and filtering. I’m pretty sure the python version of the TMDb TV show scraper should also be fine (I wrote most of that one). The issue seems to be specific to the older XML based scrapers.


After olympia’s fix, everything is back to normal again: Universal Movie Scraper

@pkscout Should I abandon the xml scrapers and move to the python ones then?

Is this transition mandatory under matrix 19 or not?

The transition to the Python scrapers is not mandatory for Kodi 19, but it is highly recommended. The python scrapers are the default scrapers for Kodi 19, so if you move to Kodi 19 and then add a new source, it will use the Python scrapers unless you change it. The XML scrapers will probably be removed all together for Kodi 20. And just for clarity and disclosure, while I am a member of the Kodi development team, decisions like that are made by the team, so I’m reading the tea leaves and giving you my personal take on the XML scrapers for Kodi 20.

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Really clarifying post. Thanks again.

I still have this issue on my Vero 4K+ and can’t figure out how to fix this.
Newly scraped shows do not have a poster.
The new python scraper is limited to 1.1.34 on Leia and will not be updated anymore

Think I found the solution. I was still using “The TMDB Movie scraper” and I need to use “The TMDB Movie scraper for TV Shows”