Things Vero 4K + *cannot* do?

Today I started looking for a new kodi device. As you can see, I ended up here :slight_smile:
The Vero 4K + looks like a swiss army knife. I am pretty impressed!

Are there any things, the Vero cannot do? e.g. resolutions itself (24/23.97fps etc.), resolution switching, HD-Audio Passthrough, all the different HDR implementation, …

I know, it is not full featured computer and I’ll never will try to fly to the moon with it :wink:

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Thank you for your interest in Vero 4K +.

It does 23.976. It does HDR10. It does HD audio passthrough. Resolution switching is supported. Just enable Adjust Refresh Rate when you get the device.

HLG is a broadcast format and we are adding support shortly, but nothing you download will be in that format.

We will never support Dolby Vision.

Let me know if you have any further questions. Happy to clarify about the device’s capabilities.



Is nearly every decoding done in hardware (x265, DTS etc.) and the CPU is quite limited, so huge skins and softwaredecoding will be slow/nearly impossible? My current NUC does not support x265 in hardware, so decoding it is impossible :disappointed:. DTS has been an issue for some devices in the past.
What CPU does it have? There is a difference between a quad-core x86 and between all those ARMs.

What about the storage, is it fast enough for big Kodi databases or do you recommend using MySQL on another device on the network?

Is SDXC supported or just SDHC?
What’s the max. speed of the eMMC and the cardreader?

There’s people on the forum who are using “huge skins” (Aeon based); don’t know which one you would be referring to.
Most video is HW decoded; not sure for Audio but don’t think that is as much of an issue as video.
CPU is a AMLogic S905x. Check this review for more info:
This was for the 4K, 4K+ is even improved…

As for database, again what do you consider large? I’ve got about 1500 movies, 6000 songs and 4500 tv-episodes and experience no issues with the speed of the database. I’m coming from an RPI2 and the Vero4k was a huge improvement. And the new Vero4k+ is supposed to be even faster… Might not be as fast as a NUC but consumes far less power as well.

Check with @sam_nazarko but I think you can order one and if it does not perform as expected you can return it. As for support, you will not find a device with better support from the developer (Sam) and the community! At least 5 years (monthly) updates…

Typically, people will use passthrough for DTS so their AVR can decode it - no great CPU strain - but nobody has reported any issues with decoding on the device.

SDXC is supported.

X265 is hardware accelerated, including 10-bit.

Voice control. :grin:

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That actually works. “Honey, can you please pause…” and I pause…


Just placed an order for the vero :star_struck:

I’m willing to buy this device as well, reading these & other forum posts I think this device can play 4K HEVC with 4:2:2 chroma subsampling & 10 bit color depth.

Can you please confirm that @sam_nazarko ?

here’s a 200mb sample of the format I’m talking about:

cheers :grinning:

Don’t know how to download that link.

I believe this is the full link:!08hkECyB!umK1FOTU_zDp3h9g7bvXYLt_sof1aNAH30DRCMRolqM


It’s also missing framepacked (full res) 3D so unfortunately not the complete package but I still have hopes for that arriving this year. Dolby Vision would obviously be amazing but I don’t even know about available content and there’s definitely not a single Kodi box out there who can output it. Maybe that’s something left for the Vero 4K Premium one day :wink: Btw, I’m using Aeon MQ which is said to be one of the most demanding skins out there and that’s running fluidly. So, if framepacked 3D isn’t absolutely important to you I can wholeheartedly recommend the Vero 4K.

Hi @sid6581. Thanks for your feedback. We will never offer Dolby Vision support. But we continue to work on 3D support. With that said: we’ve always encouraged people to buy a device on what it does today, rather than what it may do later.

3D SBS and TB is supported.
MVC can be played back, but only with half-res output currently. Framed Packed output is still in development.


@sam_nazarko were you able to download & test the playback of that sample?



Thanks for the link.

I tried playing that file but couldn’t. The PTS is broken in the file. I tried on VLC on my laptop (using NVIDIA acceleration) and couldn’t play the file either. I remuxed the file, and no joy.


No consumer grade SoC has hardware decoder for HEVC version 2 profiles. This has to be software decoded. The clip did play fine on a Intel system. Amlogic SoCs don’t have the grunt to software decode HEVC range extension profiles. Some profiles can be software decoded on the nVIDIA Shield. I am not sure whether one of the Rockchip SoCs that has hardware decoder support for H.264 4:2:2 also has HEVC 4:2:2 support.

thanks for the clarification, so the 4:2:2 references for the Vero 4K concern the color bit depth and not the chroma subsampling.

I was unaware of any SoCs able to hardware decode H264 with 4:2:2 chroma, will dive into those Rockchip SoCs a bit, thanks for the info.


I would suspect only RK3399 and not RK3328. I’m not sure of the state of the art however; I think ffmpeg is patched to use a shim layer.