Think I bought the wrong HDMI audio extractor

I just bought because I have an old receiver without HDMI and want to get a toslink signal to that

Did I buy the wrong one as the one I bought requires ARC? Hope not as its expensive to return in Denmark, if I am even allowed

If I bought the wrong one, would one of these suffice

Have you tried it?
It seems to have and HDMI in, an HDMI out and toslink out, which seems right.

I did try it, but sound just comes out of the TV no matter if the ARC ON or OFF

I think, from memory of tryng something similar with my brother-in-law’s setup, that it may be the tv isn’t cooperating.
You’re using 2 HDMI ports on the tv?

I don’t believe it won’t stop sound coming out of the TV.
So the issue is that it is not extracting audio.
Make sure passthrough is disabled in kodi to start with (that is a simpler case).
Can you also test the analogue 3.5mm headphone jack of the splitter?

I think you might be looking at the wrong link, I the one that I bought and 2 I consider being instead, the one I have do not have 3.5 splitter

No I am only using 1, but the TV should not know anything

I have a Raspberry Pi - > splitter , then toslink goes to receiver and hdmi goes to TV

Yes, was looking at 2.

How are you connecting 1 - using ARC from TV, or
Pi <-> splitter <-> TV ?

Do you get any signal from toslink? Have you tried powering with USB connector?

Pi Splitter HDMI In, Splitter to TV and Splitter to Receiver, and ARC turned off on the splitter, powered by a usb charger used normally used to power a Pi2

So is it working now?
I’m having a similar related topic here.

No, the shop said I can return it, so will buy something else

Maybe one of the 2 I linked