Thinking of buying Vero, couple of questions

I’ve had a Raspberry Pi with Kodi for a few years now, and it’s just getting to the point that I need an upgrade. I just have a couple of questions though.

Is there a limit to the size of the supported micro SD? I’d like to just use a 1tb micro sd to keep my media compact, but I’ll use an external hard drive if needed.

Also, is there an auto-off feature on the device? As in, the device will shut down after 1/2 hours of playing?

I’m not sure about the SD card size but at the cost I’d rather an external SSD. As for auto off I think to do that you would need to use the sleep function of a CEC enabled TV to set a power off time and then in Kodi’s CEC settings you can tell it to suspend when the TV powers off. Like the RPi they are not designed to turn off, but the Vero does have a suspend which puts it into a lower power mode.

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A 1TB SD is supported, but it’s an expensive way to store your files.

Playing I’m not so sure, but you can set it to standby after inactivity, for sure

Hope this helps

It is expensive, but I already have one so that’s great to hear. And standby would be fine for me. Thank you!

You can check my guide here [HowTo] Start/Stop Kodi with your remote (headless mode) to actually stop the kodi service. AFAIK there’s no way to completely turn the Vero off and back on with just a remote.

As the OP has stated they plan on storing their media on a SD card I can’t imagine a scenario where your solution would be needed or desirable for their use.